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No Horn, SRS lite on, Type S steering whee

8 November 2002
Dallas, Texas USA
Last week my 30 yr old, 92 NSX daily driver, with 240,000 miles, SRS lite came on , horn did not work
Checked the horn & SRS fuses, did the continuity test on at horn relay, all ok
I suspect a short or cut in the steering cable reel?
Since I don’t have a steering wheel airbag and the car did not come with a passenger airbag I don’t need to replace that cable reel
Question, can I remove the cable reel, tap into the 6 pt plug that the cable reel plugs into, run some kind of coiled wire that would tolerate the rotation of the steering and run that wire straight to the horn?
I’ve seen a post where they put a jumper between pins 4 & 6 to prevent the SRS lite on the gauge to illuminate
Any thoughts?
A better way?
Thanks in advance
Yeah you can. The Momo hub that is used on the Type-S/Type-R doesn't use the cable reel either.