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Nominations for hottest NSX

8 March 2006
**EDIT** If you are on this thread, please contribute by nominating one or several NSX's. Please don't just browse and hope your car wins. That's a loser thing to do. Take the accolades and give some to others.

Since we no longer have the hotest girl thread... we can have a hottest NSX thread. Looking for nominations. One winner picked in every category. Category winners will be on a poll for one single winner. Winner will get props for being the hottest NSX ever. No crown or trophy, and your knowledge of The Iraq and such as won't matter.

Categories are:

Red, black, white, yellow, blue, silver, Orange, other, track and custom. "other" is colors not mentioned, street cars.

various shades are the same category. LBBP and MCB. Spa and Rio. Kaizer, sebring and silverstone. Etc. "Other" can be custom colors and the very rare ones like midnight pearl and brooklands green. "Track" are not street cars that are tracked... they are track vehicles. Most of these are ugly, I think Robfenn's gonna take this one already.

Please post any NSX you think should be in the finals. You may nominate your own car. I'm not doing my own because I want to give others a chance to win.

Some of my favorites:

Red (oscar_driver)


Black (Oyagi)


White (serial NSXer), S4play



Yellow: Hondaarrarrr


Blue: Blue Batmobile LBBP


Silver: Hijacker


Orange: synth19


Track: Robfenn


Custom: Vrooom

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Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

mine stock

yeah yeah I heard it all bell bottoms, do I work out, arrrggg jeans on the paint LOL its OK

but I think its by far the best looking NSX

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Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

My "black" has won Best in Class or Best in Show in 5 different concours or car show events in the last two year... so, some people like it! :)





Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

So Dave after we all post our own cars....who wins?:biggrin:
Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

Wasn't expecting to see mine as I was scrolling down. :cool:
Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

I think my personal fav' has always been Exiled's (in various configurations). It's far from stock, but it's all tasteful and still maintains the clean original lines.


This was a desktop background for a while back in the day until I got my own :biggrin:


No, it doesn't hurt that all of the pictures of his car that I've seen are professional either, lol.
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Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

Some nice additions here. I forgot about some of these. Please include owner's prime name, a random picture doesn't help. After this thread runs for a bit I will make a poll. Guys, don't just comment and not nominate a car. If you do that, then your favorite car may not make it. Please try to contribute. Even if you don't have the patience to look up a picture, at least say "I like XYZ's car". If you are posting your own car, why not post someone else's in a different color/category?
Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

No way I could just pick one car to be the hottest. I could probably pick the hottest by each color.
Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

No way I could just pick one car to be the hottest. I could probably pick the hottest by each color.

That's all I am asking for! one for each color... for now... you can nominate up to 10 different NSX's and still only have for each category!
Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

I agree with this choice, member NA1/2-R GT (Dan)'s car is one of my favorites.

Also, Seth's Cantrell Widebody is one of my favorites:


Where was that taken? I want to take my cars to drive on the dry lake....

It was one of the day trips during NSXPO 2010 (Las Vegas)
Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

orange- synth


white- vrooms car is sickly hot but I think there was a white one I liked better I will have to search for it.

All other colors?????

Oh wait! I have the hottest sebring silver of course lol
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Re: Nominations for hotest NSX

Other? :confused: :biggrin:





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