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Norcal Sightings Thread

22 April 2012
I don't think we have a sighting thread in here so I'll start one. Here's all the NSX's I've seen around San Jose / Milpitas Area. Are any of you on here? :confused:

97-99' Kaiser Silver - 100% stock
* I've seen you a couple of times around Plumeria and Montague. I think you work at one of the companies next to Sanmina SCI.

91-94' Red - 100% stock with chrom OEM 5 spokes, SUPER SHINY PAINT:eek:
*seen you twice around Vallco Mall

91-94 White - 100% stock with a sticker on your engine hatch
*I see you everyday across the street from my company! This is your daily driver. Are you even on here???

02-05' Yellow - lowered with aftermarket wheels and a minor body kit
*You work at MA Labs and I've seen you a couple times by KFC next to MA Labs.
Who here drives the google eyed NA2 imola/bone stock body with imola interior in the Novato/ North Bay Area? I see you almost errrr day. It's definately your daily driver as I see you all the time.
Spotted Sebring Silver w/pop ups and TE37’s (?) on San Bruno Ave in San Bruno around 10:30 Mar 8th. I was in my 03...thanks for waving ��
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Tuesday March 6th spotted Red NSX with licence NSX GT southbound on I-280 on the Peninsula, somewhere around 7:30PM
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