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NOS Bottle Heater

14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I just had a Nitrous system installed and would like your feed back on having a Nitrous bottle heater installed to keep up the bottle pressure constantly to 900-1000 psi. When my car is warmed up with the heat generated from the trunk,the bottle pressure is at 900 psi but starts out at around 700 when cold.
If you use the nitrous several times in a row the bottle will chill even on a warm day and even in your warm trunk. If you want decent performance you need to keep it up around 900 PSI.

If you live in a warm part of the country and don't use it several times in a row you can probably get by without the heater.
Lud is correct. Bottle heaters are really designed to give you consitant performance on back-to-back runs. One of the basic gas laws (Boyle's Law or Charles Law, I forget which) states that pressure and temperature are dirrectly related. This means when you do a run and use up NOS, the temperature of the bottle drops with the pressure. The heater can compensate by warming it back up until it hits the right pressure. If not, you get less NOS on each successive pass and your fuel/air mix can change and hp will drop.

Only really need it if you are planning on doing multiple runs quickly or live in one of those God-forsaken, cold, non-Texas states.

; )

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