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NOTICE: International ads are being moved into the main Marketplace

10 February 2000
Previously ads have been allowed in the International regional forums. This is how things evolved, but it is not consistent with the way the rest of the site is organized. It has created a fair amount of confusion, and as the site has grown they are experiencing all the same problems the regular Marketplace did prior to moderation. Therefore I am moving them all into the main Marketplace section and under the same rules.

I recommend international buyers/sellers put their country in the subject of their ads to make it easy for others in their country to find.

Effective July 28 all international ads must be posted in the main Marketplace forums instead of in the International regional forums. All existing ads will be moved to the appropriate Marketplace section. All ads must conform with the standard Marketplace ad rules or they will be deleted, so if you have an active ad please be sure it conforms to the Marketplace rules prior to the 28th so I can move it instead of deleting it.

This also means all replies will generally be deleted from the thread. Posting here asking why your reply was deleted after this happens will just show you didn't read this thread or the "Notice" posted at the top of the Canadian and International forums.

Link to the rules: http://www.nsxprime.com/wiki/NSXPrime:Marketplace