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NSX Aftermarket Seat Thread and Comments

15 October 2003
West coast!
I did a search and more recently posted a WTB with very little info but I know many of you have swapped out seats in your NSX so can you guys please help me out?

I don't want to ruin the perfect oem stock seats so wanted to pick up a pair of nice red seats for the car. It must not affect leg room / head room since I'm rather tall and my head already barely clears the top roof.

I've seen many nice NSX's with seats so can you guys tell me what rails are ideal for the lowest seat position?

I want to use the Bride EURO II's which are bottom mount seats. In my s2000I ended up using the "MO" type rail.

this is a link to the WTB thread:

I have Mugen seats and rails. Dropped me down almost 3 inches and I am only 5'9. Just came back from a track day at MidOhio and the seats were awesome. Held me in place and gave me plenty of helmet room.