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NSX and GenevaConcours

11 July 2003
Plainfield, IL
My name is John Barrett I am the Registrar for the Geneva Concours d’Elegance (www.Genevaconcours.com) We at the concours are looking for a recommendation of one NSX owner who would be interested in entering their NSX in the years Concours (held August 24th on the Streets of Geneva, Illinois). Can you help us?

We also offer an opportunity for clubs like your Midwest Chapter of NSXCA to hold an event of your own (during the Concours) in a special reserved parking area the adjoins the location of the Concours. If you are interested please contact me.



[email protected]

I think my car has flaws to be there? Looks like a nice show.
I vote Q on looks and Woody on power. Either one should shake 'em up a bit.

I'm hoping to convince Stacey that a turbo/supercharger would be in the best of interest for both of us, as I would not want to sell the car and get something more expensive. I'm working on my presentations and spreadsheets now for the business proposal. :redface:

Seriously, I'd love to go to Geneva. They had some later model sport cars last year if I recall, including my friends cousins' Ultima GTR. If Frank still had his car, I'd vote for him. :frown:
Re: NSX and Geneva Concours

Looking over the web page, it looks to be more of a classic (ancient) car show of sorts...
A lot of older US/German iron, but also a few contemporary cars:
- Ferrari F430
- Lotus Elise
- Benzo luxobarges
- Lexus "high breed" :D
- late 80s Lambo/Ferrari/etc

Would think an early 1990s mid-engine Japanese sportscar would not be out of place.

Anyone signed up ?
From what I understand there are going to be a club area for the NSX's!!! more information to follow!

Keep posted guys and if you want to attend this keep the weekend of the 24th open.

I would love to have all colors of NSX there!

White, Blue, Silver, Red, Orange, Black, Purple, Yellow, Green???
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I spoke with John over the phone and they would be happy to have a car corral for NSXs, if enough owners are interested in participating. The cost, by the way, is $40 per car, as noted on the car club registration form on their website. I assume that some of the activities (like the gala dinner) are an extra charge on top of that.

Sounds like it will be a fun event.
I think I'll participate in the car corral. Do we simply call John and set that up?
I think I'll participate in the car corral. Do we simply call John and set that up?
Yes (although I'd try e-mail first, rather than calling him at home, but I'm sure he won't mind, either way). And the question in the post directly above yours is a good one, one of the first things I'd ask.
I sent am e-mail to John and will hopefully get some details soon.
I talked to John last night, and he said there wasn't any minimum car requirement to create a corral for us. Of course, the more the better, so let's try to get a large showing for this. It's a $50 application fee, but John mentioned that each participant will receive a nice event gift bag. The application can be found here.
Ohh ya see that!!

"They encourage car clubs to give out awards among their members!!!"

Ken, if I have different front and back tire brands.. is that an automatic loss of all possible awards? :biggrin:

Im sending this in next week.

Hope to see tons of you out for this event!!
I attended the concourse last year it was great. The cars were protected at all time and the spectators were very respectful. My girl friend Michelle is a host at the event. There is a country side drive on Saturday ending up at farm / car museum with lunch. Saturday evening there is a black Tie event that is a lot of fun as well. We recive a discount for the black Tie as car show participants.
I will get the details and post asap.