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NSX Bashing

5 September 2000
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Here are some comments from a Mercedes board.

"I love my ML, wouldn't trade it for Japanese, I even considered buying an NSX at one time and selling my 911 Carrera, I couldn't do it because my mind kept telling me it's still just a Honda..."

"Bravo!!! Well said. A Honda is just gonna be a Honda, no matter in what package it comes from."

"I've never owned a Honda, but have driven some occasionally and certainly had my share of rides in Hondas. They are incredibly complex AND reliable machines (NSX excluded)."

"An Acura will always be just a Honda... yes, a Mercedes will always be a Mercedes, and yes, BMW will always be BMW, a Lexus will always be a Tttttyoooota."


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Ignorance is bliss! I was a dyed-in-the-wool Porsche nut until I actually got some seat time in an NSX. In fact, I was just about to write a check for a 911 when the dealer, whom I've dealt with on more than a few occasions, told me to at least give the NSX a try. I was pretty ambivalent about a test drive, so I let my wife slip behind the wheel to drive it off the lot. But after a couple of minutes I told her to step aside. Ten minutes later I was the beaming owner of a mint '91 Sebring Silver.
I've driven a lot of Porsche products, I own a Mercedes and a Range Rover, but the Acura...
Like I said, ignorance is bliss. Let 'em think what they want. We know the truth.
OK, honestly, why would anyone take seriously criticism of ANY sports car posted to a Mercedes M-class message board?

Call me when Mercedes even offers a manual transmission, much less a true GT sports car (you are free to bring up the CLK-GTR if you own one).

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Lud - is the CLK-GTR the 5.5 Litre I hear they are comming out with? I almost bought a CLK 430 instead of the NSX (or a 996, or a M3, etc....). Before I get the flames, I know they are way different cars - and based on that I decided to follow my heart and get the NSX. The car seat can go in the Range Rover, after all!!!!

Anyway, I was real impressed with the 430 and the 550 is going to be great competition for the new M3, but neither of which can compete with the overall experience of the NSX.
Originally posted by '98 NSX-T:
Lud - is the CLK-GTR the 5.5 Litre I hear they are comming out with

No, the CLK-GTR (or LM) is the Mecedes/AMG equivalent of the McLaren F1 -- a true race car from which they had to build and sell some streetable versions of in order to qualify for LeMans. 7-figure price tag and performance to match.
Nice picture Lud. Is that a new Wings West front-end kit for the NSX?

Seriously, I have seen the CLK for sale at a Mercedes dealer in Paris and the picture is only half as incredible as the real thing.

In Lemans 99' the CLKs became airborne in turbulant air. The video footage of the wreck during the race clearly shows the brake lights illuminated while the car is upside down.
I've read the news.

If I remember correctly here is the story in my own words.

In the first accident where the CLK went airbourne and flip in the air. They thought it was driver error, and wind turbulance. They added or modified the front spoiler.

2nd accident, the car went airborne in the same manner. The 3rd accident happen in the same race. Then they decided to pull it out and issued a press release of design flaws.

Feel free to comment, if u think I remember this wrongly. I am almost sure I'm right. As soon as I can find the article, I'll post it here.
I think there were 3 variations of the CLK race car. one is the original CLK-GTR in 97, the other, LM which ran in the next Le Mans in 98, and then it was the one that ran in 99 and kept "going off road"
There were a few street versions of the original GTR, and just 1 street version of the LM, which is in Japan as of now. And I don't think there are any street versions of the 99 Le Mans race cars.

Also, I think the original GTR had a V12, then ther following evolutions had twin turbo charged V-8s

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