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NSX Buffalo Stampede 4 "It's A Lock"

Paid via paypal for Nancy and me for the participation. We plan on attending both night's festivities. I think that we'll also have to attend the pancake breakfast on Sunday morning, before we head for home!!
Welcome aboard Roger, don't forget to call Amanda at the black & Blue so the chef can make your special dinner

Tony same for you so Bags can get her special dinner
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Last day to register is TODAY............Let's get this party started :>))))..........looking forward to seeing everyone and can't wait to see more FLW stuff!

Long range forecast calls 90F on Friday and 86 on Sat and Sun.............pool is open at Gecko Beach.
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Hi Ron & Ginnie; Regreatful that I will be unable to make it. Due to many family issues here on the family calendar, that I was not aware of when I saw youz in NY. in May. Thankfully it's all good and wont be so bad for me to have to have to bow out of a great trip to the north. Love to all; Clem
Ron & Ginnie, Sorry we will be unable to make it due my recent health issues we spoke of on the phone. Was really hoping for a last minute yes because I now have the NSX back, but my bump in the road was more than expected. Have a great time everyone and have Tony take lots of pics for the forum.
Love you guys.
Rich and Jeanne
Rich, we were glad to hear your health is improving and the NSX is back home where it belongs. Looking forward to seeing you at NSXPO
Ron & Ginnie
Welcome aboard Roger, don't forget to call Amanda at the black & Blue so the chef can make your special dinner

Tony same for you so Bags can get her special dinner
Just called Amanda, she couldn't have been nicer! I've ordered my "happy meal"!!!
Try 80 west to 180 that runs into 15 North to 86 West to 390 North to 90 West to Exit 49 through the toll booth turn left then first light turn right and your there
We are here, in Buffalo, where is everybody?
I guess you did't see the update. Due to snow in the forecast for Sunday we moved it up a week to the 18th:biggrin:
So far, Ron & Ginnie have planned and executed a fantastic day of events (and weather), now hopefully Tony will post up some great pictures to show everyone what they're missing!!!
Ron & Ginnie lined up a spectacular weekend! While we wait for Tony's professional grade shots, here are a few of my meager cell phone pictures:

Pierce Arrow Museum
What a spectacular place! I trimmed things down to just a few photos, but I highly encourage any car enthusiast to make the journey to Buffalo to check this place out. I learned a TON and the tour guide was a spectacular wealth of knowledge.

A few shots of us gathered outside:


This beauty was parked outside:

This was the crown jewel of their collection; a recreation of a Frank Lloyd Wright pumping station with Frank Lloyd Wright's own car parked in front (the orange one). Photos do not do this structure justice.


Classic Pierce Arrow

A few modern cars:


Classic bikes as well:

And engines (this is an old 6 cylinder :p )

Lined up for a lunch of pizza and of course BUFFALO wings!

After lunch we had a tour of the Canal lock system and then an adventure through a manmade cave system.

This is the entry point:

Maybe a little dicey if you aren't big on closed spaces!

But it opened up a bit at the end

That is all I have handy for now, I am sure there will be plenty others posted later
Thanks to all that came to the NSX Buffalo Stampede. The only thing better than the weather, cars, food, and the Hotel were the the people in attendance. One of the best things about owning a NSX is being involved with a group of exceptionally nice people. A special thanks to my wife Ginnie for all she did to make it a success.
Mike Perry (GM) of Ray Laks Acura provided tee-shirts and hats which was a nice addition



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GREAT weekend and all the events were fantastic. Weather couldn't have been better and THANKS again for the efforts Ron & Ginnie made to make this a wonderful Stampede 4...........somehow my shirt went AWOL between Russell's dining room and the car and perhaps fell out of my bag?.............The gifts were an unexpected surprise and what a TALENT Ginnie has - beautiful cards, yummy treats!. Hopefully you all had a nice drive home with no unplanned stops..............see you at NSXPO or sooner...........
Nancy and I want to thank Ron and Ginnie again, we had a fantastic weekend! The activities, the goody bag, today's pancake breakfast, the entire weekend was fantastic, even the weather! The drive home, was uneventful, just the way we like it. Outside of a fee cloudbursts, we made good time.
Tony, great job on the pictures, almost as good as Bob or Alan!!!!
The best picture was the one of the group that Bags took!!!
Where's the picture of the giant pancake that you devoured?
Thank a million Tony for the great pictures. It's always nice to have a pro with us to get the good shots. I really like the shot of the gas station's copper roof you took from upstairs.
Ron & Ginnie
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thanx to all for the great weekend....it was tuff having to spread our time between two families, hope you guys understand.
lucyna had a wonderful time, and enjoyed meeting you all. pierce arrow was schweet!!!

of course, go fig, i miss c&c in my hometown....:rolleyes:
Here are a few photos from the this past GREAT weekend in Buffalo!


This is a GREAT picture! That 02+ Blk/Blk looks AMAZING! Looks like a great time was had by all as well..


Nice turnout!

I hope to get to attend a new events in the Northeast region soon!