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NSX Camper with Trailer

Not exactly appealing to me, although I feel a similar ambivalence to wide body kits and Lambo door conversions. But, his car so he gets to do what he wants.

Although, enough lift in the suspension to provide 8.5 " of ground clearance might be useful on some of the streets around here.
He always comes up on my YouTube feed but I’ve only watched 1 episode. I appreciate the craftsmanship in some of the stuff but it appears to be for attracting viewers and subscribers on YouTube.
^^^exactly.....click bait
That trailer is a complete waste of an NSX. Better to be used as a parts car than a trailer. He probably tracks his Winnebago.
IIRC the trailer was made from a very common color twice totalled NSX that could never be registered for road use again. It was destined to get crunched so he saved it from the scrap yard, I've got no issues with that car being chopped up and repurposed.

That said, @docjohn hit the nail on the head, this is 100% clickbait of the rather annoying variety.
I think it's an enjoyable read. Pretty imaginative as well. The little Honda scooter with potential for a side car project is a hoot. Good for Chris. :)