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NSX Claustrophobic?

22 March 2000
Washington, DC, USA
Hi guys, I currently own a late model MKII MR2 and am thinking of upgrading to a used NSX. I'm looking forward to the NSX's better performance, etc. but there's one thing I'm going to miss about my MR2- the t-tops. They really open up the inside of the car, even when they are on (they are clear glass). I'd hate to give these up. I know the NSX-T has a removable top, but is it made of a clear material so you can see through it when it is in place? I'm also worried that a used NSX-T will be over my budget of $40,000...

Can anyone tell me what the inside feel of a regular NSX vs an NSX-T is like? And what the top (roof) is like on both? I mean, can you see out well, etc.?


PS- why are there a million 1991 NSX's for sale and very few other years?


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Because they made many more in 1991 than any other year.

Per the FAQ:
Total By Year 91=3163 92=1270 93=608 94=512 95=780 96=505 97=338 98=245 Total=7421
I went from a 3000GT Spyder VR-4 to a '94 NSX and have had no problems with feeling confined within the cabin. The foward vision is so exceptional that you forget that you are in a hartop.
When I sat in my car in the showroom I too felt pretty confined. But only about 5 minutes on the road erased any thought of claustrophobia. This is a very well thought-out and comfortable cabin. And once you tip in the throttle...
I just bought a Y2K NSX-T. I was out in LA on business for a week in August and made the biggest mistake of my life by renting a 1996 NSX-T from Beverly Hills Motorsports. I had driven a 93 NSX coupe belonging to a friend of mine, but had not driven a T. Since I am 6'-4", I am pushing the envelope on room and comfort in the NSX as it is. I found that I prefered the NSX-T, but I found neither of them particularly "claustofobic". The windshield is huge and well laid out. The dash falls away from you for the illusion of more space. The NSX is the real deal when it comes to "cab forward" design. You sit so far forward in the car it seems like there is not much out there in front of you at all.

As far as price, I looked at everything from 1995 to 2000. I personally would not buy anything less than a 1997 since you get an extra .2 litres of engine and an extra gear. But you do pay for that. I have seen 1997 cars go for as little as $52,000. I am sure there are 95 cars out there for close to $40K, just don't know what kind of life they may have had. Not every NSX owner takes as good of care as we all on the list do.

Before you buy an NSX of any year, you should familiarize yourself with the problems and improvements of each year and model. There are some things to watch out for in 1991 - 1993 cars.

Regardless of what you do, DON'T RENT ONE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE MEANS TO BUY ONE! I could only hold out for 6 months before having to acquire one at any cost. Once you drive it, you won't want to drive anything else. I have driven everything from BMW V-12s to Ferrari to Porsche Turbos and I have NEVER driven anything like my NSX. Words can't describe it. One of the other members of this list said it best... "Owning the dream is better than the dream itself". Believe it, because it is true.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51
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