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NSX coming to Detroit 2015

The Audi dealer down the road from me always keeps an R8 in stock. He mentioned that its served them well in sales be it either selling the actual stock unit or achieving an order from it.
I'm saying it wont sell if its made to order. Just like LFA couldn't find one on a showroom floor if someone wanted to test drive it first. Almost every Audi dealer had a few R8's throughout the year, don't think some dealers would have sold any if they were made to order.

Easy to understand, you don't want cutomers to test drive an overpriced and underperforming car! It was, IMO, the least worst marketing strategy to sell that ''thing'' !!!

Since the new NSX will be a driver's car and dream's car, there will be demonstrators and serious customer will be able to testdrive them.
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When I was crazy over 300zx's in college in the 90's, it seemed no dealer ever had one in stock when I'd stop by to window shop and daydream. That car was overpriced for what it did back then but I can't help but think the lack of any in showrooms did not help sales.
How can any of you sleep only six days until we knowwww ahhhhhhh
I know what you mean. This week is going by slower just because I know in the back of my mind I'm wishing it was Monday already lol.
4 More days ! Does anyone know if there will be an official showing on the NAIAS web site of Acura's ?
The Acura Dealers in the US, will get the details specs on the New NSX two days prior to the Detroit show, so if you know any GM at your local dealership you can get the details from them.

BTW the New NSX will only be shown at Detriot and Toronto.

Almost a month after Detroit