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NSX for sale in Chicago area - JH4NA1153NT001019

14 July 2003
Detroit, MI
Just spotted this low-mileage NSX in my preferred color in the Chicago area.

Does anyone here know anything about the history of this particular car or this dealer, Jabaay Motors in Lansing, IL?

Obviously I would want to have a PPI done in the area, and I know Muller's Woodfield Acura in Hoffman Estates comes highly recommended. Should I insist on having it taken there (~55 miles each way), or can anyone recommend NSX techs at any of the Acura dealers (Joe Rizza, McGrath, Continental) that are closer.

Thanks in advance!

Autocheck came back clean...with 2 calculated owners if that helps

Oh yeh second owner owned it for a long time.
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The problem with many Acura dealers is that, if they don't have a tech who works on a lot of different NSX's (like Ted at Woodfield), they will be doing a standard checklist on the car, same as for any other car - checking things like the battery, brake pad thickness, tire tread depth, etc. An experienced NSX tech would know to check for NSX-specific problems, such as checking the tranny number for the snap ring range (likely for any '92).
What is the control mounted aside the center console? Phone related?


It is the main control for a K40 radar detector. It allows changing between city and highway modes, and I think sensitivity. Probably installed when the car was new, as that is when those K40 units were in their prime. Massively expensive for the poor performance and constant false alarms. I would have it removed. Actually, I did have one removed from my car years ago and never looked back.