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NSX front nose mask

5 September 2000
Does any one know who makes aftermarket nose mask for NSX with color of the car?

I seen a picture before of silver NSX with silver nose mask and it look very clean and I think it is better quality then OEM mask.
I have silver NSX and would like to get it in silver or gray to mach the paint

If you know the website or who sell it and how much $$ I would greatly appreciate it.

They are made by Speed Lingerie. They had been selling for $499.99, but their website now shows a price of $599.99, so it may have gone up. They offer a 10 percent discount for members of the NSX Club of America.

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Sure is nice but for $600 I would reconsider OEM black nose mask

Did anyone seen this speedline nose mask in person? Is it good quality?
They were at NSXPO 2000 last year in Atlanta. I thought the quality was outstanding. (For that price, of course, it should be.)
Originally posted by winreboot:
Does any one know who makes aftermarket nose mask for NSX with color of the car?

COLGAN also makes an aftermarket front nose mask (bra) that provides better coverage than the OEM unit. It includes covers for the headlamp covers, but some (Speedlingerie?) claim that these flap at high speed.

COLGAN bras match your car color, if its Berlina Black
Here's one on my '91 Sebring Silver. Mirror masks too. The air intakes have a nylon mesh and the turn signals are covered in clear plastic. Mine are so clean you can't see them. :)

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Or possibly the clear bra kit by 3M as an option you may nothave concidered..

I think you're referring to 3M's clear protective film (not actually a bra). It is described in the FAQ here.