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Nsx FS nearby, realistically how much am I going to pay in the end? JH4NA1150NT000653

30 April 2013
The vin for this car is JH4NA1150NT000653. It has 100,000 miles. it has a salvage title, but it must have a rebuilt title, because its plated. Its a 92 so i realize i'll have to check the transmission to see if it could have the snap ring failure. I'd imagine if it did it would have torn that tranny apart by now, i have to get an appointment set up with my mechanic before i make this guy an offer, and i can only imagine what youll all say when i state the price. mind you i realize i may have to double what i put into it to make it reliable and im okay with that. He's asking 18k. It needs an a/c not that i care, thats a luxury i could go without as this would never be my dd. It apparently needs tires and a horn to pass inspection. Are there any specific things to look for in a 92? i mean rust, panel gaps, the tow hook being messed up and bad engine mounts are all on my checklist i just want to make sure there isnt some huge problem with them that ive never heard of. oh and its lacking climate control. Completely. Mind you im 19 and probably wouldnt drive the car for a year, partially because of insurance, and why put miles on my dream car before i have it performing to what i consider par. I look forward to everyones input, thanks for any and all advice. I will own an nsx, one day.:biggrin:
Is this the car?


If so, you have the two best people in the area to look at it - Pbassjo at Vince's Auto Body in Poughkeepsie and Larry B in Warwick.


You do get what you pay for so unless you are handy with a wrench this looks like a money pit. And in all honesty, at your age I would say skip the idea all together and spend the money on your education if this is the type of car you can afford.

p.s. and if you would be willing to "double" what you put into it, it sounds like you would be okay spending around $35kish all together so why not just get a no issue car for the 35K and not worry about buying a dog with fleas?
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I doubt anyone would be able to give you a figure that had any sense of being accurate. A better question is what *could* you spend, and that answer is probably $6,000 - 18,000 in repairs depending on where you want to take the car.
I wouldn't touch this car unless you are willing to put $35K into it (including purchase price) over the next few years. There are so many better examples in the Northaast area for sale now that this one does not make sense, albiet at a higher price - especially if you are 19 and will be putting the car aside for at least a year because of the cost of insurance. What is going to happen if you need to do the TB/WP service or a clutch service? $4k at least right there. What about the cost of 6 tires every 30k miles (2 sets of rears, 1 set of fronts)? There is another $2k.
My main reason for looking into this car is the price, My access to a full garage for free, and Vince's is literally five minutes away. My mom's mentioned she knows the owners wife. I don't have 35k to drop i have around 16. I realize its not enough money to drive and upkeep this level of car, which is why i would let it sit and slowly put more and more money into it. I've dreampt of this car since i was 8. If you all think it'd be wiser to just save and look for a different one i understand, and i take everything with a grain of salt.I know this is less intelligent than trying to save for seven or eight years to buy one for 40k but what can i say it's my dream car. and thanks to everyones words of wisdom theyre greatly appreciated.
I believe that car was salvaged with only 42 miles on the ticker so it has been spent its entire life "in a state of repair". If you are serious drive the 5 minutes to Joe at Vince's to give it the once over to at least tell you what shape it is in from that perspective and then get Larry's input on the rest of the car.
Well i'll have to ask the guy if he'd let me take it there maybe i could give him a security deposit. and vince's is the one on smith street right? ive seen an orange nsx that was totaled there before.
Well i'll have to ask the guy if he'd let me take it there maybe i could give him a security deposit. and vince's is the one on smith street right? ive seen an orange nsx that was totaled there before.

Yes, that is the place. Tell Joe Lomoriello (the owner of Vince's and an NSX owner that we referred you to him). I would bet that he has worked on more NSXs than any other shop in the country in terms of body work. And that Imola NSX is back on the road looking like it did when it came from the factory.
This car is very local to me and I have looked at it numerous different times.

My BEST advice knowing NSX's extremely well and being an owner for over 10 years now is to RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

This car was also at a local body shop for quite some time and currently still has front frame damage ( I was told the front frame rail is currently cracked/damaged and not even in driveable condition). It was on ebay/craigslist for $14500 for a long time with a blown clutch (which the owner recently replaced) but has many many issues in addition to that.

I'm all for finding a good deal, but this is not a car you want to get involved with unless you are a very knowledgeable mechanic or have unlimited funds to fix/repair.
This car AT BEST would be good to buy and completely strip and rebuild with experience in aluminum repair and engine/transmission work. A friend also called on the car and was told the engine has a noise as well.

Save a bit longer and you can get a MUCH better NSX that will require MUCH LESS money into it.
wow... thanks you just saved me a lot of trouble. yeah i drive past this car everyday. guess ill look for an mr2 and keep dreamin for now. But thank you for saving me from buying that, i imagine the shop i was going to take it to would've noticed something like a messed up frame. But considering i don't have the kind of money to get parts for that engine or the frame ill stay away. much obliged.

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Theres one for sale on cl its a 92 with 50k on it. its probably a scam seeing as he/she hasnt stated any maintenance, posted any pictures, a vin or anything to make it seem like its not a scam. i emailed them anyway. yeah im gunna guess a 92 with 50k on its worth substantially more than 21k? owell. i can hope right.:confused:
Any earlier year NSX in good condition, with service up to date, and not too many miles (<80k) on it will be right around $30k+. This price has not changed for several years. When you start looking into cars that are in the $25-$30k range, they will usually have some issues, not necessarily serious, but still issues. (ex. paint work needed, tb/wp service needed, clutch needed, slight fender benders, interior work needed, engine work needed, etc)

There is one located in NJ that has 170k miles going for $25k now in the Prime marketplace. All body work, paint condition, service is up to date. Looks tip top shape. If I was in the right situation now to buy, I would seriously be considering that one. And remember, being in the right situation does not always mean not having the $$. Sometimes it makes more sense to do other things with that money first. The NSX will always be there for you when the time is right.

MOST OF THE GUY ON THIS FORUM WORKED A LONG TIME TO BE ABLE TO BUY THESE CARS IN GREAT CONDITION... WE COULD HAVE ALL BOUGHT "FIXER UPPERS".. THERES A REASON WE DIDN'T.... "the juice is not worth the squeeze". Hold on until you can get one in great condition ... pay the money "up front" for a nice car that will hold it's value.

as cool as an NSX is... it loses it's coolness if everytime you look at it... you know should have spent the money on more important things... these are toys.. that's all

my .02
Having bought fixer uppers while at university I can attest to the folly of taking on project cars when you don't have money and time is best spent on course work.
Spend your money on education and when you're done buy a cherry NSX in pristine condition.
As broinkrist said there will always be NSX's available when it's your time to buy.
I agree with everyone's advice. Get educated, find a profession and over time you will make the money you will need for a reliable car.
That being said, if you keep your eye on this site, have cash in hand and patience, you may be able to find a great reliable car at a great price.
About 3 months ago, I found a '91 with 242,000 miles in great condition with all service records. The car is in excellent condition and has given me no problems. Purchased the car for $18,500.00 I would not hesitate to drive this car across the country. All I am saying is there are good reliable cars at a decent price. You just have to look and wait.
Ignore a salvaged title car at all costs. If your budget doesn't allow for a clean title Nsx, then in all honesty you should look into a different car.

After all the potential/future problems that will need to be fixed on a salvaged car, you might as well have just bought a clean title one at the beginning....