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NSX in bad weather?

22 July 2001
Bethlehem, PA
I'm still a few years away from being able to seriously think about buying an NSX, but lately my obsession with them has caused me to spend hours reading NSX Prime and drooling. I can't get this car out of my head! But I want to know if its completely insane to consider buying an NSX as my only car if I'm living in a place like Pennsylvania, where the weather is less than ideal for a good portion of the year? Is it a really bad idea to drive an NSX in icy conditions? What about rain? Any info would be appreciated.

I live in PA and enjoy my NSX year round. However, I don't drive it in the snow or in icy conditions.


Well, it's partially because the car is poorly suited for such weather. Partially because of the excessive salt used in my area, and partially because I don't trust other drivers to drive cautiously.

The NSX, like other mid-engined cars has a low polar moment of inertia. This means it responds to steering inputs and handles very nicely, but it also means that icy, snowy, or wet roads can be difficult.

You can read on this and other NSX forums many tales of NSX accidents and many of them seem to happen in wet or slippery conditions.

I love my NSX and drive it whenever I can, but I also have a beater car that I use when conditions warrant.


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Just to add to Jimbo's comments...

At a minimum, you would want to use winter tires (the Pirelli P210 comes in OEM sizes), not only for snow and ice, but even on dry roads. High-performance tires (including but not limited to the OEM tires) do not perform well in cold temperatures.

That being said, there are the handling and salt factors that Jimbo pointed out. Also consider that the ground clearance of the NSX is minimal, so if you get more than a few inches of snow, that will make things even tougher.

So even though it's possible to drive the NSX in winter weather, I really wouldn't recommend doing so. (But just remember how much money you can save on insurance by turning off your liability and collision coverage for those months!)

The NSX is fine in rain, as long as your tires aren't worn down close to the treadbars that appear at 2/32".

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I live in Southern NY. I DO NOT drive my car in the winter. Mainly because I live on a hill top. I have about a 1500 foot paved driveway. I have found it nearly impossible to get my NSX up the incline if it is raining. I took it out this spring. When I left it was 55 degrees and sunny. By the time I returned it was 32 and rain that was freezing to ice after it hit the ground. I made 4 attempts at the driveway. None of them got the car even near the garage. I finally took it to my sisters house and parked it in her garage until the next day. she was extremely thrilled about scraping her windshield off the next morning. I should note that my tires are worn and need replacement. I would not suggest a NSX to be your only car in this climate, unless you don't have to be anywhere at any specific time.
This is all pretty much what I figured... I had always planned on selling my '96 Integra in the NSX dream I've had, but I guess I'll just have to count on holding onto it. By the time I can actually afford an NSX it probably won't be worth too much anyway, so no big loss.

Thanks for your advice

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Having a 2nd car when owning an NSX, or any sports car for that matter, is really a good idea.

Although the NSX is just as reliable as your Integra, I think it makes sense to keep it (or get something else like an older Civic).

You have 4 seats, more cargo room for those trips to Home Depot, you don't have to worry about leaving the NSX in a mall parking lot when you go to a movie, and it's a much better choice when the weather turns wet or slippery.


1992 NSX Red/Blk 5 spd #0330
1991 NSX Blk/Blk Auto #3070 (Sold)
1974 Vette 454 4 spd Wht/Blk
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I have been without my NSX for a while. I have been waiting for a rim replacement. But essentailly I got cut off on the road on my way home from work in one of Miami's tropical downpours. I admit my rear tires were not a really good brand to have on a rear wheel/mid engine car, (Pirelli P7000), and in my attempt to dodge the guy my car spun around and I hit the rim on the curb. The car is fine. Its a good thing I wasn't going fast. In any case, as another member on this furom said; what makes the NSX handle well on dry roads makes it handle worse in the rain. I am going to get Potenza SO3s for my NSX when the new rim arrives and I hope it will make a difference in the rain.

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Blades... it may be a good idea to have the suspension, especially a-arms looked at while the wheel is off.

I've heard people praying to the alter of the S03 so far, sounds like a nice tire.

-- Chris


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