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NSX mentioned in Latest Top Gear Episode

2 October 2001
The UK car show "Top Gear" mentioned the end of the NSX in it's latest episode (in the news section). Incredibly, it's met with an "awwww" of disappointment from Jeremy, James, Richard and the audience! :confused: :eek: Then Jeremy makes a joke about Tony Blair and the NSX, and that's it... no more NSX according to Top Gear. :(

It's a slightly strange response considering Richard told Honda to "move on" in their review of the Type-R. I guess the Top Gear guys loved the NSX but didn't want to be seen as one of the "old people who wear cardigans" as they've jokingly stereotyped Honda-owners to be. :)

Now I've said that... anyone got the video clip??? :D

I saw the episode the other day too. I was thinking the same thing.

I remember the comments from Hamster testing the Type R and now they are sorry to see it go. :confused:

You can find the episode here

TopGear is just an entertainment show full of biased opinions. If you remember that, its great fun to watch, but don't expect proper reviews.

I love to watch it though.