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NSX Parts for sale! OEM e.t.c

6 December 2007
Denver, CO
91-95 NSX parts BRAND NEW.

PBR brake master Cyl. $120.00
OEM Front brake pads $45.00
OEM Rear brake pads $87.00
PBR Rear brake pads $45.00
OEM A/C Belt $8.50
OEM Alternator Belt $10.75
OEM Head gasket Kit $160.00 per set.
OEM Oil pan gasket $22.00
OEM Timming Belt $152.00
OEM T-belt tensioner Koyo $35.00 GMB $40.00
OEM Valve Cover gasket set $35.00
OEM Fuel filter $35.00
OEM Thermostat $20.00 Gates $15.00
OEM Clutch Master Cyl. $85.00
OEM Pilot Bearing $27.00
OEM Release Bearing $118.00
OEM CV boot kits $35.00 each
Spark plugs NGK $13.00 Denso $11.00 Bosch $5.50 each.

Prices do not include shipping or paypal. Please send E-Mail or pm me for any info on these parts. (most parts instock right now)
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