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NSX-R? NSX-Type S? NSX-Type 0?...No, its NSX Type JZ

26 January 2001
San Diego, CA
You have heard of the mighty NSX-R, You have heard of the Ninja NSX-Type S, you have heard of the light weight NSX-Type 0......now you are seeing the NSX-Type JZ:biggrin:
Our 6spd gearbox is being rebuild by Nick at Applied after a looong wait but he is de best! All internal are REM'd(you can read about it here http://pole2flagracing.com/rem-surface-treatment1.html)

The rusty "still plenty left" oem clutch at 100K was new at 1st but too porky at 45lbs and the engine just refuse to rev. We can't stand it anymore and thankfully the whales, the dolphins, the moon and the sun finally aligned and the car should be ready by next week just in time for our annual Canadian road trip thru the 101 and the Rockies never ending winding roads.

We are doing the Exedy twin carbon at 21 lbs. so will be happy shifting and H&T all the way to the sunset:biggrin:

This is some serious bling that can not being seen from the outside so its not C&C $ well spent.:frown:


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Are those gears induction hardened or carburized or ?? Just curious.

Has anyone here ever heard of or used Contour Hardened gears? I worked with them to develop some prototypes when I was working in Detroit, the contour induction hardening process resulted in worlds of improvement over the then-standard induction hardening process being used. My understanding at the time that one of their claims to fame was producing smaller/lighter gears at equal or better durability for Indycar type racing.

Great thread, I enjoy seeing stuff like this on Prime.
Not sure exactly what Honda used but WAG is induction for production process, results are more repeatable, more cost effective.

Came back from a 5000 miles shakedown thru the winding roads of the Rockies, the Redwoods, 101. Thx to Nick at Applied for his meticulous work of building the gearbox and took care minor issues outside the gearbox, had to drive to Canada right after picking up the car. Ran flawlessly the whole trip and the Exedy twin carbon makes shifting faster and easier making driving even more enjoyable. engine now is much more rev. happy Gearbox temp was well within check. Initial chatter is minimized by slipping the clutch more between 1500-2000rpm. REM process was a worthwhile treatment. Pedal effort is a tiny more than before and release position is same as before. Got stuck in LA traffic but the unsprung clutch was more manageable than I thought. Not your typical on/off like. Made it to Ramon 730 in the morning to change the oil.:smile:

We waited over two years for our turn and are glad it was done properly. If you have applications that might be able to take advantage of the REM process, let us know.

Spacely sprockets....
Thx to the great job Nick @ Applied Motorsports did, we'd put on ~15k+ since this upgrade.....Trips thru the Rockies to Edmonton and to the Bayou of Louisiana + a few wkday SD backside drives to Palomar. All trouble free and knocking on 200k miles. The Exedy 21lb twin carbon shudders(metal mid plate) off low idle as expected but other than that, the motor is mucho rev happy than the oem making it :biggrin:to H&T. Drove TrackAddict Tilton twin NA and being 7lbs lighter than Exedy => no off idle shudder(not metal mid plate) and revs about the same as we have the ATI damper and Jon has the oem(?) perhaps.