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NSX-R Rear Spoiler (Replica) Question...

4 March 2012
Calgary, AB Canada
Hey guys,

Just wondering if the NSX-R rear spoiler (VIS replica in this case) can be installed with the OEM trunk lid spoiler still on.

I have googled and seen pictures where there was an NSX-R rear spoiler + trunk lid spoiler on. Not sure if the trunk lid spoilers in these pics were OEM or not, as they were carbon fiber in some pictures. The rest of the pictures have no trunk lip spoiler on.

I am noticing that the mounting area of the VIS wing is a bit rounder/thicker than OEM wing, where it gets close to the trunk lip spoiler. As such, I'm having a hard/impossible time lining up the holes on the NSX-R wing as the lip spoiler prevents me from moving the wing as needed.

Picture of trunk lid spoiler below.

I did some more research and found out that 02+ cars like mine come with the lip spoiler and it has 8 clips which go into the holes in the trunk :(.

Basically, removing this isn't really a viable option for me. Maybe I am just lining things up wrong. Should the NSX-R wing and and replicas still fit with the OEM trunk lip spoiler still on?
Thanks for the PMs and replies. Yes, it does fit with the OEM trunk lip spoiler but you're going to need a buddy or two to get it lined up easily, because it is super tight.
Slightly different parts, but I had the Dali carbonglass lip spoiler RTV'd to the deck lid so it was just touching the factory wing and when I replaced the wing with a Seibon, it needed about 1/4" more space due to the shape of the vertical that bolts to the deck lid. This forced me to pry up the lip spoiler only to find that the RTV had bonded with the clear coat and turned to stone, taking paint with it when I pulled it. A quick grind off of adhesive, repaint of the deck and a restick down with 3M exterior double stick tape and its looking like it should.

Maybe the VIS is thinner and will fit the factory one...
On the 2004 NSX I had, it had the small lip you're talking about and I installed the NSX-R style spoiler without any issue. I had the VIS model that was sold by NRG. I still have that spoiler, I plan to list it for sale soon. If you're interested, PM me.