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NSX-R Suspension, Mesh Engine Cover, and Seats

Vance, $18K for new NSX-R seats seems like a great price, but not too many people were interested in used seats at $7K. Got any contacts for RECARO? Maybe a group buy?

Saw this...looks nice...I have seen similar with red stitching.





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MAJOR STONER, the Recaro SP-GN ASM retail for ~$3,250/each (w/o s/h, etc').

They seem to have all the desired attributes: Alcantara-covering, contrast double-stitching in red, memory-foam padding, and imported lightweight-shell (from Germany)... all assembled in Japan!

Is it unlikely they'd be able to retain the power function present on the OEM stock-seats & the OEM Type-S/Type-R offerings...(?)
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I just love how every time I have a FS vender thread, it ended up to be some thing else.:redface:

For those who never tried the Type R seat, you have no clue what it is about!!!:confused:

You can tell the world, or pretend it is same as other Recaro products, but it is not.:rolleyes:

You can ask for knock offs, but they are not real, and does not have the same safety guarantee from Honda and Recaro.:wink:

If you want to sell your right nut to get the seats, I salute you!!!:biggrin:

If you're participating in this thread because you're bored, more power to ya:smile:

If you're posting here because you have nothing to do, have fun!!!:tongue:
SPG-N, ASM, Pole Position.....
nothing like the real NSX-R seat.

btw, i have both nuts and type-R seat. :biggrin:

can you get 1 black suede one for me?