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NSX service in Houston area

8 November 2006
Hey guys its Carl, I know I've been out of the game for a little while but I am back into repair work. I started working at an independent Honda/Acura repair shop in stafford we use only oem Honda parts that's why I agreed to come work for them. In the past they have turned away NSX customers due to non NSX trained tech's, well I'm turning wrenches here now so if anyone in the Houston area need service check in with C&M specialists 12999 Murphy rd. Stafford Tx 77477

Thanks! Hope to see you soon!
Thanks Z!
David, I have so many of my projects to do at home much less the honey do list! So I am trying to get away from the side work as much as I can, my 2 boys are getting big and I don't want to miss any of it.

Tbelt service is about 1550.00 plus tax. Dealer parts, dealer trained much cheaper.
Hey guys, I just had Carl do the Timing belt service on my 05 NSX at C & M Car Specialists and had a Fantastic experience. Carl of course was great and the other guys at the shop were friendly and great to deal with as well.

Great service, Great experience and I’m glad we have a set place to go locally (central Houston) for an NSX Tech with very reasonable prices.
Good news. I just bought my NSX and am in Riverstone, so it is great to have a certified NSX tech so close.
Hey there Carl,

Great catching up with you last week on the Phone!
I'm sure the crew down in Houston are going to be
really glad to have you work on their NSX's again as
your pricing for service seems great! Certainly can
not beat your years of NSX wrenching knowledge too!

I'll definately be hooking up with you again soon!

Take care!

Carl, I'm very glad to have you nearby, I'm in Sugar Land, avidly looking for an NSX to buy ASAP, and glad I can pull the trigger and have a trained tech nearby to keep it running smoothly for years to come. It doesn't matter how much money I throw at my corvette, it still runs like a corvette, which is good and bad, but can't get that solid feel of a properly balanced automobile like the NsX
Hi guys, just thought I'd put my 2 cents worth in here. I just got my car back from Carl (C&M Auto Specialists) and I'm very happy with the work that Carl performed. Carl charged me less then half what the dealership quoted and they no longer have an NSX certified technician on staff so in addition to saving money I feel a lot better having someone who really knows what they're doing work on my car.

In short (those that know me will understand that pun), I highly recommed taking your NSX to Carl for any and all service related items.

I'm glad to hear all the positive comments, I do the best I can because I know how much you care about your cars and I want to keep as many on the road as I can!

Took my new baby out to Carl for timing belt, water pump service. Couldn't be happier, my service included changing the timing belt, water pump, AC belt, alternator belt, new coolant and new valve cover gaskets. Carl found the correct belt for my hi-boost SC setup too. And probably for the first time ever I paid less than what I was originally quoted, what else could I want? The car feels even better than when I dropped it off, of course that can be just the peace of mind I now have with the new tb/wp. It was also really nice to see two different NSXs while I was there, clearly Carl is one of the few techs allowed to touch these things around here and add me to the long list of people that recommend him at C&M specialist.

Thanks Carl!
It's been seven years since the last post but I thought I'd add to the positive reviews. I took mine there to have all of the coolant hoses and tank replaced with the OEM kit from SOS. There were about 30 lines to replace. I dropped my car off there and it was ready within three days. I'm very hesitant to take my car in for service because it's hard to find a shop that will treat the car as if it was there own. I got the car back and I'm happy to report that there have been no issues since the service was completed. No leaks or kinks with the new lines. I waited about three months and close to 1,000 miles before posting this review. I'd take my car there again.. prices are more than fair and Carl knows these cars.
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Carl, you still wrenching on NSX's. You did my 05 and I need belts done on my 04.
Carl, you still wrenching on NSX's. You did my 05 and I need belts done on my 04.
Carl is works on NSX's...he's hardly on prime now but you can reach him at C&M