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NSX Service/repair Tampa

17 January 2023
Hi, former NSX owner from over 20 years ago. I am working with my friend who was a 92 NSX that has been sitting for about 6 months. Looking for a local shop that works on NSX. There was one off of Waters Ave but iIdont belive he is still there. I also use to go to Crown Acura because they had a really good tech that knows alot about the NSX.

Thank you
hey buddy the tech from crown is my dad Mike percy he is still doing work on the side give me a text 727 479 4545
I never had my car serviced at Crown. I used to use Ferman Acura when they had an NSX tech. The last time I used them, one of their techs destroyed the interior under the steering wheel and left it in my trunk. At least they replaced it at a cost of over $400. After that I used Nibal in Orlando for work. Great guy, but he is too far for me. Can you PM me your dad's number or contact information. I am usually in Clearwater on the weekends. Jerry