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NSX Type R Question

29 May 2007
Where is the remote trunk release on a NSX Type R? On my 1993 it’s on the left door. But my friend can’t find it on his Type R. Did they remove it for weight savings?
The electric trunk release on the Type-R was deleted for weight savings. All Type-Rs were RHD.
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Post some pictures. A lot of us would like to see real life R's.

what is in place of the trunk buttons (on driver door and glove box)?
In this [thread] the first pic shows the driver's side door without a trunk release button and there's nothing in place of it (LHD R door molding perhaps). Notice they left the dual window up/down function for both sides but removed the up/down auto-lock button in the handle fixture (delete cap) and removed the L/R side mirror controls ... oh so simple.
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Power door lock and trunk switch (including the heavy solenoid in the trunk) were deleted for weight on the R. It uses a completely different wire harness than the stock RHD NSX.
Gotta use your key.