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NSX vs 300zxtt vs SUPRA tt ?

13 April 2005
I'm guessing there are car magazine articles from the early 90's that have road tests involving these three cars. I have a '91 300zxtt, and am hoping I can pull off (if my wife doesn't kill me) buying my dream car an NSX. I can't afford anything remotely new, I'll be trying for a '91 or '92. My wife has a '93 Supra tt. Both our cars defineltly have performance, especially my ZXtt, which is about a Stage III now. I would give it up in a heartbeat for an NSX (I know I'll be pulling cash out of my pocket to go along with it ! :) Anyway, can someone point me to any articles from back then ?
I had a really nice Stage III 90 300zxtt that I gave to my brother when I bought my NSX. I love the 300, but the NSX is a totally different animal. When I go back home (Ga) I get to drive the 300 and I still love it - but the NSX is/was my dream car and I wouldn't trade back. I'm not sure if there are direct comparisons - performance wise my Stage III 300zxtt will made more wheel HP(about 13 hp) than my NSX w/ I/H/E. They are both fast cars, but the NSX feels way more stable at high speeds and cornering, and 8000rpm can't be beat. :biggrin:
i also came from a stage 3+ 300zxtt, i miss the torque and hp sometimes, but theres no choice when compared to the nsx.