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NSX vs. Dodge Viper

24 April 2000
Both of these cars are always compared with each other between my friends. It usually ends up half/ half. I want to see what the rest of the world thinks..Vipers look more aggresive but can't beat the styling of a NSX (my opinion) lets hear yours!
My friend has a 94 R/T. It is fast as hell. But the brakes sucks. Even worse than NSX. The craftmanship is bad as well. I've only driven them for a brief period of time so I can't really make an accurate comparison. In the track I was able to catch up with them in the turns but they pull away very quick in the straight aways. The stylin is awesome I think. It is totally different than NSX. It's mean and brute, compare to NSX prettyness and slender.
My cousin has always wanted a Viper GTS. Nice car, but a little too crude for me. The materials are chintzy and look like they were taken from a Caravan. Fast though. I like the looks of the NSX more. It looks tighter and made with more precision.
The Viper GTS looks good, but I like the sleeker looks of the NSX better, its more sophisticated looking. As for the rest of the car theres no comparison, the Viper is a piece of junk with a big motor. Theres nothing exciting about the motor other then the torque, its a one dimensional engine, wheres the NSX motor can be made to sing to high revs the Viper is just different degrees of rumble as the revs climb.
The Viper has become something to really recon with lately ('97 and newer) and is far better than the NSX in many performance comparisons. Actually, I think it sweeps the NSX in every category lately except refinement. Its faster, quicker, costs less, turns more heads, is more easily recognized, and is climbing more enthusiasts lists faster than the Ferrari 550 captured the title of the Worlds Fastest Production car.

Rarely will you see both cars in the same garage. They seem to conform to two totally different party's and what those separate party's want out of a sports car. That would be either (1) Raw Power and unforgiving acceleration with that Miller Lite and the Fish and Chips. -or- (2) Pure refinement with not too much or too little power and a touch of elegance to go with that black Angus steak and red wine.

Personally, I love both and both are in my Top 5 favorites. However, the NSX is #1 and will remain so while the other 4 play musical chairs.

Opinions on this UBB are going to be baised but then again, this is an NSX forum and you wont see me hanging out at the Viper Pits.


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hey hey,
Even though i am very much against American cars, i have to admit the Viper does what it does well: Look very cocky.
I find the car smaller than it actually seems but maybe thats just me. Its a good looking car, but the back end of the car just plain sucks imo.
It all depends on what you like personally and what catches your eye. The NSX is like the smart pretty girl that is perfect in every way, and the Viper...well its like...you know what I mean. Hope my opinion makes sense.

It makes perfect sense. Thats why you marry the NSX while the Viper remains a fling and one for the "around the poker table bragging rights".

And you are right about the Viper, its really tiny compared to how it appears in pictures, the NSX too for that matter. I think my Integra is longer than an NSX.
Endless, I love that description! Yes, the NSX is the supermodel with brains. The Viper is Pamela Anderson! To each his own.

94 Red & Tan NSX. One of 35 made that year.