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NSXCC – Saturday Aug 11 2012, 4-630pm, Goodwood Kartways, Stouffville Ontario

You've got one of those. Yes we are running the 4-strokes but at 70km/hr+ I think thats plenty fast when is just you and the raw frame, and the gasoline tank sits next to your crotch.
Given the expected thundershower, we are officially deferring the event ...


Sept 29 is not good for me. I have a wedding to attend. Please remove me from the list. =( sigh was ok with every date except this one.
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Owen, as mentioned in email I am going to do my best to attend. Will be in Kitchener that Sat a.m. with NSX so not too big a deal to get into TO for at very least the group drive before I have to head back to Michigan. Was in TO at my Dad's in Richmond Hill last weekend in the TL (had my 8 year old son w/me) and was shocked to see 2 NSXs in same day in vicinity of Yonge and Bathurst Streets north of Steeles -- red one and that very cool midnight pearl black/purple -- can't remember proper name offhand. Its rare that I see even one NSX here but 2 in one day -- wow. What a pleasure to behold what our cars look like going down the road! Looking forward to Sept 29th.

Look forward to see you Jeff. Yes I have heard rumor of this midnight purple NSX (besides Gecko's and hschu's). This person hasn't come forward with his/her post on prime so perhaps some of us need to flag the car over the next time.

Ryan, I am unable to edit my first post since it's more than 60 days old. However I've been sending emails on the revised date so hope that clears up most confusions.