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NSXCC Announcement - Sean Firth, new Club Director & Secretary effective Aug 1 2013

30 December 2007
Richmond Hill, ON
NSXCC Announcement - Sean Firth, new Club Director & Secretary effective Aug 1 2013

It's with mixed emotion that I'm announcing my resignation as director and club secretary of NSXCC. I've served these positions for 3 seasons, and have enjoyed every minute serving our members and represented the club proudly. The decision was tough but at this point, there are other priorities requiring my attention and the right time to step down.

I like to thank everyone for their support and for putting up with my texts and emails over the years. It's been tremendously rewarding to help promote awareness of NSXCC to reach the current level of membership is satisfying. I see a solid foundation of members and the momentum is strong to continue success. I look forward to becoming a member again, and simply enjoy the hard work of our executives.

The good news is that we've been in search of my replacement for some time, and I'm pleased to report Sean Firth has graciously accepted our appointment to become club director and secretary effective August 1 2013. Many of you've known Sean and knew he has lusted for a NSX for years. In May 2012 he finally brought his home from near Ottawa, and has been fighting for a garage spot since. Over the years Sean has shared ideas and contributed greatly to the club. We believe fresh thinking will only improve NSXCC. While Sean is eager to start serving members, we've agreed the transition will take place over the next 4 weeks and August 1st will “officially” be the start of his term. But knowing Sean, he'll be prepping communications for the group in no time. Please join me in welcoming Sean to the executive rank.

From L to R: Chris, myself and Sean

There are plenty of events happening this summer so I’ll be sure to see most of you around. Thank you again everyone!

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Congrats Sean
I know you will have a blast doing this!

Also Thx Owen for the over the top job over the last few years!

Huge thanks to Owen for doing a phenomenal job over the past few years!

Congratulations Sean, very well deserved, but you've got big shoes to fill now :)
Thanks for all that you did Owen....Fantastic job ...you were tireless and enthusiastic all the time.....Sean we look forward to your time at the wheel...don't hesitate to ask if you need any help.
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

As many of you know I have been around for many years now but have only recently obtained my dream car. Since May last year I have tried my best to participate in as many club events as my significantly better half allows. In all honestly, I think about one third of the kilometers I have put on the car have been traveling to and from club events.

Owen has done a phenomenal job at growing the club while keeping it fresh and innovative. I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Owen for all his hard work and planning over the last couple of years. I hope he can enjoy his retirement to come out to club events as an eager participant more than the prime organizer.

I look forward to being a member of the executive for the coming term and can only hope to do a fraction for the community of which Owen did. That said I realize the size of the shoes in which I am stepping and do not take this role lightly. I've got lots of ideas, some good, some undoubtedly bad but I believe if we can continue to grow the club into the foreseeable future that can only be a good thing. I know this is possible because I see more and more cars imported into Canada every year, and once they arrive we tend to keep them here.

I believe in the club and should you guys ever have any concerns with the club, please don't hesitate to contact myself or any of the other club executives with suggestions on how to improve.

Owen, Thank you for your service and I think I can speak for all when I say we are all indebted to you.
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Sean is a fitting follow on to Owen, who was a fitting follow on to Sean!

Secretary is the most demanding, but arguably the most important, role in the Club. It is also the least fun because the President makes you wear short skirts and high heels!

Great job Owen. No pressure Sean! ;)

Another good thing about this is that Sean is located outside of Toronto. He may be able to better address Niagra and Hamilton folks with some events that are more local to that group.
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Thanks Dave and Henry!

If I would have known there were high heels and skirts involved I would have signed up long ago.
LOL...that is a Big part of the Job:smile:

Congrats Sean, I know that you will bring new energy to the Club Exe.

Owen, Thanks for all your help over the past three years, you have work to make this Club better, and knowing that you will still be a part of the Group, your input is always welcome.

Thanks, Bram