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NSXCC Est Fest 2013, Windermere House (Part Deux), Muskoka Lakes, May 17-20 2013

I just extended our stay to now include Sunday night. If this weather is any indication, it should be a spectacular weekend.
OK ... where is everyone's reply for this year's Est Fest sign up?
I hear there is a major sponsor this year for Est Fest .... We still have Honda with their engineers in their white lab coats coming ... more beer from the same sponsors ... more parts from Acura of Oakville dealership .... No - this NEW SPONSOR is something with alot of Octane??
My bicycle only runs on 94 octane . Let's see what this NEW SPONSOR has to offer.

Did I say NEW EVENT SPONSOR? :eek:

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You all realise that this IS a family event and not just for the motor heads ...
Bring along the entire family ...
A cool shot from last year for those who were there

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Hey ... Where are Neal & Cindy this year?

They are probably afraid of this NEW EVENT SPONSOR ... something to do with Octane ?!!
I Googled an image for High Octane and came across this:


I would be afraid too .... Is that a guy or a girl? Eeek!
I'm definitely going to Est Fest to see what this Octane Motors is all about. Anyone know?
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We're missing you all, Glynnis Daria and Family - maybe you can challenge some ping-pong players from the city on the back patio of Windermere next weekend. Already missing NOT joining you! :smile:

We will be monitoring this thread for photos and cottage-country adventures. Drive well, fast, and safe. Stay out of the dirt.

And Daria, you are scaring me with that recent post and pic.
Change all your plans. you cant miss this supercharged high octane event.There is going to be a judged NSX car show with a bunch of prizes. A new memorial trophy for best of show. A cruise through the beautiful roads of our great country. prizes galore! A tech session informing you what you should know about you NSX and will save you hundreds! great food , great location great people. how can you miss out? Bring the whole family. iam!
Can't believe it's been a year already. Shows how time flies. I'll be watching this thread as it develops as well with pictures.

Whoever hasn't been up to the Windermere it's got the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in! The view is awesome as well, I had a lake side view room last year. Wish I could have made it, maybe next time though.
SOME Say.....

This is Neal after attending Est Fest 2012.... he is now considered to be a great Canadian.....in Blue:biggrin:


*** Ouch, tough crowd :redface:

"Look deep into those blue eyes"
Neal, you know we love you and Cindy, being adopted Canadian.
Just chirping you....all in good fun....You can still come-up for the weekend, we'll have BLUE on ice for you.

For those members that are looking at the nice weather and drooling.....you can join us for any one of the days during the weekend event.

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