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NSXCC Est Fest 2013, Windermere House (Part Deux), Muskoka Lakes, May 17-20 2013

Total regret not coming but I had to stay cause of the new born. Just couldn't leave the wife alone.

I hope everyone is having a great time looks like tons of fun. If god is willing, next year we will attend!
What an absolutely wonderful weekend.

Thanks again to everybody that organized this. Very much appreciated!

Over the years we've done so many club drives, but I have to say the drive Sunday morning from the Windemere House to Port Carling tops them all.
A full hour with lots of twisties with good elevation mixed in at the same time.

Being in the ISP business its always easier for me to post the pics I take to a web server, rather than post them inline here.
So if you are interested... in more pics from the weekend....


Click on the first image, then just keep clicking the image to advance to the next pic
(they look much better full size)

Brad (and Sue)
I'll echo those sentiments. What a wonderful weekend! It was great to cruise, eat, unwind and repeat for three whole days.

Brad, your photos are lovely.

We look forward to seeing you all at the summer events.
I love looking at pics of old friends having a great time but my favorite picture is of Henry trying to wash the purple off his car!

Long live Est Fest.
Brad, there seems to be alot of pictures missing from your page. There must be a restricted access page some where so please PM the user ID and password :wink:

All kidding aside, what a fabulous weekend. The weather and location were absolutely perfect and the event was a great success. It would be a feat to top this location at future Est Fest given the high benchmark set. Big thanks to Henry and Daria on moving into the big brother "cottage" for part of the week. Thank you to Robert on sponsoring the event with t-shirts, Honda for sponsoring our group dinner and golf shirts, Jim for sponsoring the club with Muskokian chairs.

This is only the start of the season, and there are plenty of events ahead so stay tuned.
Fantastic photos as usual Brad. Great to see everyone have a great time. Owen gave me every opportunity to come out but this year just didn't work out for us... hopefully next year we can come out with the family!
hopefully next year we can come out with the family!

There was chat about doing an event with more of the kids.
Several of us had to leave the little ones behind this year.
Maybe we can all get together with the kids at some point.
I know our girls are ready to take on Bash on the tennis court & horseshoe pit again.
A few iPhone shots.


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