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NSXCC EST Fest 2015 - Oakwood Inn and Resort - Grand Bend May 22 - 24 2015

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
With all of our cars safely nestled away for the winter, and visions of sugar plum fairies well behind us, thoughts of spring 2015 are surely close at hand. After a resoundingly successful year last year, we are happy to announce our return to the Oakwood Inn and Resort as our selected Venue for Est Fest 2015 on the weekend beginning Friday May 22rd and concluding Sunday May 24th 2015. This is the weekend AFTER the May long weekend this year.

With the success of the track day Friday evening, we are happy to announce that we will be returning to the Grand Bend Motorplex for the evening of May 22, in a no-holds barred, all out, slightly restrained fight for bragging rights to see who can traverse the track in the shortest amount of time.



One important aspect of Est Fest is location and how it best accommodates the size of our group greatly enhances our experience. After various considerations along with members’ feedback, the club executive have worked diligently to secure accommodations which offer a fine balance of value and luxury at the www.oakwoodinnresort.com Located about two hours from downtown Toronto, this location offers approximately the same distance as previous venues, however, we should be able to avoid traffic issues. As an added plus, it's located right on Lake Huron in Grand Bend.

The Oakwood Inn and Resort is located in Grand Bend on the lovely (and cold!) Lake Huron. It is a 127–unit resort consisting of 98 deluxe rooms in four lodges, an Executive Cabin, 7 spacious suites, 16 standard rooms, and 3 cottages that are nestled in a natural setting... the perfect mix of rustic and elegance. We have blocked 20 rooms and a cabin for this year’s festivities. For those so inclined there is a golf course located on property which is available during your stay.


• Book now! Our special rate of $169 per night is available until March 23, 2015. When booking you will be asked to place a $100 deposit for the weekend.
• The Cottage is available for $299 per room per night.
• The above includes breakfast for two for each night you stay. (Additional breakfasts are available at $12.95 per person per day)
• Booking reference: NSX Club of Canada
• Booking contact: 1-800-387-2324
• All rooms subject to service fee and HST.

We will again have access to the cottage as our HQ for the Friday night BBQ and bonfire for all our after hour festivities which include but not limited to socializing, drinking, cigar smoking, partying, trash-talking, lap-dancing should anyone see fit.

Meal service:

Same as the past several years, we are hosting a kickoff BBQ on Friday at the cottage followed by a social by the bonfire. For the balance of the weekend, breakfast will be included. Optional lunch service will be available seperately. Saturday event dinner will be likely be between $30 and $40pp. Sunday dinner will likely be a-la-cart (2 restaurants to choose from). All meal service and accommodation are subject to gratuities and taxes.
We will continue to work to bring the best possible experience for the weekend.


Don't delay, sign up today!

1) Sean and Patti
2) Joe G.
3) Bram and Nancy
4) Sean and Becky
5) Greg Long
6) Tim C. +1
7) Shafik & Sharmiza
8) Jeff Z.
9) Neal and Cindy
10) Daria, Glynis, and Adam
11) Brian and Judi
12) Patrick
13) Paul and Lisa
14) Tony S.
15) Mark A. + Lorna
16) Steve R. + Tera
17) Lucas H. + Pam
18) Dave
19) Brad + Sue +2
20) Don + Arlene
21) Andre M +2
22) Mike +1
23) Chris W.
24) Rick S. +Christina
25) Carlos R +1
26) Henry C +1


We have the spa booked for the Sunday morning, between 10-1p.m. For all the ladies that would like to take part in the spa services, I ask you to contact the spa directly; and tell them who you're with as we have been able to negotiate a 10% discount from all spa services that you get. With the spa, the club will be supplying everyone with mimosas to make their experience more enjoyable.

Look at the website and call them at (800) 387-2324; Jamie will be taking care of us.

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Count Us in.... Est Fest weekend should not be missed.

Hoping to get the New NSX Press car available for us to review....stay tune

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Subscribed! I don't think Becky and I are having a baby this year, so we should be there!
Definitely in for track event.... (no Brian I will NOT be holding it at 8,000 RPM!!!) but I will be waving to my adoring fan(s) and signing autographs.

May very well stay at least Friday night at Oakwood.

for those that did not attend last year.... particularly the US folks... it was a great time with plenty of Canadian hospitality!!
Hello everyone,

hope you guys are having a good start to the new year.

please count us (Shafik & Sharmiza) in.
Count Neal and me in for 2015. :smile: Can't wait to hang out with our Canadian neighbors again. Will we get to see the scrapbookers at Oakwood this year?
Glynis and I again please ....

For our US friends, as our dollar sinks day by day, the deal gets even better.
Stay tuned everyone as we have plenty of surprises for this year's event.
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Stephen, what up with you in May that you can't make our event?

BTW...We consider our May 24th long weekend as the official start of Summer, hence the reason for hosting EST Fest in May.

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This is awesome guys! two days in and we have 10 rooms and 20 total attendees confirmed.

We are working diligently to get more high end sponsors and talking with the track about some other potential pleasant surprises. I can't wait to be out there.

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Work is always busy in May so I'm forced to say around. I'll make it up again some year. The two times I've gone it's been great!

It's memorial day man! come on up and see us! I'll even buy you a beer or 6.
We ARE IN! Brian and Judi. Need to make our reservations. It was SO MUCH FUN last year. Thanks for having it again at Grand Bend. Beautiful place.
This event is in my calendar! Not 100% sure I can actually make it, but will sure try my bestest! As a new owner, I would love to meet you guys and your cars and hopefully learn a few things! I have friends in Grand Bend and so I will probably stay with them, so no need to count me for hotel-stays. Do I need to register or can I simply show up on Friday? I am sure there will be updates here, so I will follow the forum!
Can't wait for winter to be over and get my baby out of the garage!
Hey Mike,
Yes you do have to register with the NSXCC and become a member, this will enable you to be placed on the distribution list and get all the event invite and updates.
Our annual Renewal party is being held downtown Toronto at Jim's Studio at the end of Feb, this would be a good time to meet everyone, if you can make it down.

Glynis and I again please ....

For our US friends, as our dollar sinks day by day, the deal gets even better.
Stay tuned everyone as we have plenty of surprises for this year's event.

I was actually shocked at how far the Looney had slid when I managed to get a few minutes to read the Wall Street Journal last night. Not surprising given the resource based economy in Canada. In addition it saddened me to read about the Target and Bombardier messes.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the Canadian gang this summer! I couldn't attend EST-FEST last summer. In fact I had to be in Toronto part of that weekend and when returning home on I-94 a short while after crossing the Blue Water Bridge I noticed a red dot in my rear view mirror. As it approached (at let's just call it a gentlemanly rate of speed) and passed me, I saw and heard a beautiful Formula Red NSX with Michigan historical plates. I had forgotten how great the NSX looks driving down the road, especially when viewed from either a sedan or an SUV -- talk about low and gorgeous. I came to learn later that it was Patrick who was able to attend some portion of EST-FEST.



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VTEC you say....it's more like BTEC .....(Blubber TEC)


I don't know Bram, unless that clip was sped up the big fella appears to have been able to move pretty quickly. I wouldn't want him bearing down on me. LOL.
Yes....the NSXCC is hosting the track day starting at 4:00 pm untill dark, that is ~ 4.5 hours of track time all part of Est Fest.

Last year several members, attended the full track day on the Thursday and the cost was very reasonable, and the same set of Guys will be doing the same this year. So if you are planning on coming on Tur you can participate on both session.

PM me your email address and I can find out the cost for Thur full track day.