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NSXPO 2014 Texas Group Drive

18 December 2011
Houston, TX
Received the announcement this week.

The REAL Official Announcement for NSXPO 2014!
Ladies and gentlemen, we have dates -- Tuesday October 14 - Saturday October 18, 2014

This NSXPO is being handled slightly differently than the past. Track days will be Tuesday - Thursday October 14 - 16 from 8AM - 12PM each day and will be held at Mid-Ohio.

Social registration will start on the evening of Wednesday October 15 and the social portion will go through the rest of the week.

We have some amazing things being set up for NSXPO 2014:

* Beautiful country drives
* Museums
* Big “TECH DAY” with hands on possibilities
* Large Vendors area ( bring your money )
* Chassis Dyno for those people who “ just want to know
* Car show* Saturday banquet dinner with awards and guest speakers (TBA)
Keep an eye out for an early bird registration!

Are the San Antonio crew thinking of driving again? Scott, Colin, . . . Any others from Texas going?
I'm going for sure............ albeit I'll be trailering the NSX. I think now that firm dates are known more and more people can plan for this event. I hope to see a large contingent from Texas.
I received the notification as well, but no mention of the location for hotel and events other than the driving at Mid-Ohio.

Blocked the dates from work -so one way or another I plan to be there. Either trailer or driving if Ed shames me into it again. Just hate the miles and road rash if I drive. Feels much better to know she is safe in a trailer until the destination.

You know Ed is going - Lostbuckeye would not miss it for the world.
Colin...err red-nsx, you are going to be far behind us if you trailer that car. You know what happens once Brettowen finally eats his Snickers Bar. He wants to stretch his legs and we all end up doing 130MPH. When there is no traffic of course. And this year Scott will be driving Doc White's 300,000 mile NSX and that car has never been driven very slow. And yes, we'll all have shamed you and then listen to you sound off every few hundred miles that accrue on your garage queen as you point out all of the car trailers on the highway. It'll be fun just like last year.:eek:nthego:
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I'm going for sure............ albeit I'll be trailering the NSX. I think now that firm dates are known more and more people can plan for this event. I hope to see a large contingent from Texas.

Don't know if we will go this year. ...but Steven part of the fun was driving the nsx there. :biggrin:
Hi Guys,

Just pulled this thread back up as the time is coming near for NSXPO ... The Daddy Event!
All info / updated here as well as being able to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount!


I'm looking in to transportation, if any of you are interested ... please feel free to PM Me and I'll
let you know what kinds of quotes I receive. Unfortunately I'm already booked out of town the
Columbus day weekend prior and will not have the time to drive. But I'm trying to make it one
way or the other!

Also NSXPO Info can be found at the official site: www.nsxpo2014.com
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All booked and will be there - Track and Social. Trailering at least to KY.
I'm booked for track and social and will be driving. Drew will be the co-pilot. Brettowen isn't going and I'm not sure about Scott. It maybe just me driving up.
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Colin, Ed, Scott, Somebody,

Where can I get a Tech Inspection near Houston? I'm waiting on a call back from MSR, but their website says for members only.
Sorry I'm not familiar with services in Houston. You might post in the Houston section of the region. Someone there like Davidf or Nero Tenebre would know. In San Antonio, we're going to use Scott at HNA Automotive.
Carl at C&M took care of me. Ready to go!