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OEM fog light installation

5 May 2003
Bentonville, AR
A buyer for my NSX must install fog lights before he can import it into his country. Is it possible to install the standard NSX fog lights in a US NSX that did not come with them? Are all NSXs pre-wired for fog lights (like they are for the CD changer?) Are the OEM fog lights still available for purchase? I could not find any threads on this subject doing searches.

Thank you.
Gary Berger
Gary I am trying to remember the fog light switch on my NSX when I lived in the UK. I think the switch was where our "coin holder" was located. Not certain however because that was years ago. If the car is going to the UK they will also have to have a "rear fog light" as well. Not sure about other European countries.

Firstly, Which country is this for?
Canada.... needs Daytime running lights
Europe..... needs front clear fogs, and rear fog (Its integrated into the rear taillight)
Japan...... needs Front amber fogs, I do not know if they need the rear

Now, aftermarket fog lights would be simpler, and cheaper to install...but since you asked....

Yes, it is possible to mount the edm fog lights or Canadian DRL's in a usdm
NSX. The mountig holes are there in the usdm cars for either. The edm fog lights use different brackets than the Canadian DRL's although the mounting holes in the bumper are the same.

They are not pre-wired for fog lights. You will need a relay, wiring and a switch.

The oem fog lights are jdm or european, so they are not available at any US acura dealer, you would need to buy them from a honda dealer in europe or japan. If you need Canadian DRL's you can buy them in canada, for that ypu will need the drl interface module for the daytime running, or you can wire it so its on when the car is on. Or you can get everything at science of speed, check out their website.

The oem edm fog switch is where the coin tray is, That also included switches for the front fog, rear fog, headlight washer, and headlight aim switches. the panel and switches would need to be bought in europe
It depends on to which country the car is imported what has to be done.
I recently imported my CTSC '98 into The Netherlands, Europe and the only foglight needed is a rear one.
I know for sure this also applies to several other EU countries, fronts are not needed.
Place of OE switch(es) panel is where the US version has the coinholder.
Some countries will accept the inside brakelight to double as both brakelight and foglight. This can be done by wiring it to a foglight circuit and adding 3 diodes preventing the foglight signal getting to the brakelight circuit and VV, it than doubles as both inside brakelight and as foglight.

I have a Japanese RHD Toyota MR2 Turbo that was imported into the UK that has it done this way, I then imported it into The Netherlands and during the inside the EU (small) import test it was accepted this way here too.

However, on my NSX they didn't accept this because as coming directly from outside the EU it had to undergo a very extensive import test and it turned out that when using the inside brakelight the distance between this and the other brakelight in the same unit wasn't enough, rules said it needed a few cm more distance between them, so I had to install a seperate rear foglight.
I have had the JDM fog lights on my ride. The mounting is pretty straight forward. Although the NSX's here seemed to be pre wired I went with the other route. I used an existing fog light harness IE: PIAA for the lights on and off. I have not seen any for sale lately but maybe SOS can get you some as from the last time visiting there they were selling them. Here is an old pic of them installed.


Thank you all for this terrific information!

He has asked lots of questions and so far, only wants the fog lights. He has not yet mentioned a rear fog light or headlamp adjusters. I think he plans to use the headlights as DLRs.

The buyer is from Sweden. I will point him to this thread and let him decide how he wants to proceed...stock OEM or aftermarket front fog lights.

(of course no mods will take place until the sale is complete and I have the funds)

Gary Berger