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OEM Seats Structure GEN 1 NA 1 v NA2


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10 September 2021
Hi all, just curious if anyone knows if the seat structure (I understand the leather inserts changed in NA1 to NA2) is the same for NA! seats and NA2 seats. If they are reupholstered, are they interchangeable in the NA1 to NA2 cars? Plug and Play?

They look the same at first glance.

Thanks in advance. Looking for a set of seat cores to rework back to OEM, if anyone has a pair, ping me

Thanks, Ken
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The only style change that I am aware of is the switch to perforated leather on the seat center sections and on the inserts in the doors. That change occurred with the 2000 model year, not in 2007 when the NA2 was introduced. The seat bolster / side trim part numbers for early cars are the same as for later cars so I expect that the seat pan and the related hardware did not change during the production run. Unfortunately, Acura does not seem to list just the seat pan so you can't check that part number. The other upholstery option is the perforated alcantara used on the Zanardi.