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OEM vs. CF....actual weight saving

16 June 2002
Upon taking off my VIS CF hood and CF headlight covers today, I started wondering. How many times have we asked what the actual weight of a OEM part is or a CF replacement part is.
I thought this might be a good idea to have a thread that could be dedicated to listing the weights for items that we swap out.
I will start with the numbers I came up with.

OEM hood(92MY)........15lbs.
VIS CF hood..............14lbs.

OEM headlight covers........696 grams
CF headlight cover(IA Tuner).....412 grams
You also might want to note painted vs. unpainted for the aftermarket parts... I'm not sure how much weight N layers of paint will add, but for marginal parts like the two hoods you listed at 14 and 15 pounds, maybe it would make it a break-even thing that's not worth doing if you don't want bare CF.
I was assuming that when weighing any OEM part it would already be painted. And CF parts hardly ever come already painted.
Now if the person posting the weights of the items wants to list the before and after painting then that is fine. I can't imagine that it is going to be much of a difference at all. Paint is pretty then.
Paint's thin, but a good paint job is multiple layers plus a clear coat or two... I'm not remotely experienced in the process, but I could see a hood taking a pint of paint for sure, maybe more, and a pint is generally a pound. Granted, it'll lose some mass as it dries, but it may still be just enough to make the difference in some cases.

And yeah, I was only talking about painted CF parts. I assume OEM is painted. I know most people don't paint CF, but some do.
These are cosmetic parts. The amount of resin used to make them is 30-40% more than is actually needed. Plus the outer gel coat can weigh quite a bit. If a hood (or any other part) was made with the proper amount of resin the parts would be much lighter. I remember holding a nose section (cone/wing) off an F1 car years back. It had to of been 7lb or less.

...but, then the part would not be as brilliant or glossy. It's a trade off. I would like to see someone make a dry carbon hood with no over-coating and see how that compares to the oem.
We produced some vacuum bagged, nomex honeycomb and carbon fiber hoods. The lightest one weighed in at 6.5lbs with primer. The street hoods weighed about 8.5lbs with primer. Here is a pic of the race hood installed.

nsx-r oem carbon fiber hood 7.5lbs. Oem rear spoiler 12 lbs, procar nsxr spoiler 2.5 lbs (no brakelight)