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OEM vs. Metal Master-PBR brake pads

12 March 2005
I know OEM pads are highly recommended but has anyone had any experience with Metal Master pads. I need to replace my rear pads immediately! They are $59 at AutoParts Warehouse not including shims which is about $30 cheaper than Dali Racing.

Also, what does a typical brake job cost?
I would not mix pads front to rear, each material has a little different bite. Normally using cheep auto parts store pads is not recommended but if you need some thing to run so you don't chew up the rotors because you are down to the backing plates. Some of the track rats here use
/ recommend http://www.carbotecheng.com/main.htm, and if you are a member of the NSX Club of America there is a discount. http://www.nsxca.org/nsxca/parts/vendordiscounts.html

The cost of a brake job varies depending if you just need pads, the rotors cut or the rotors replaced.
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RueMasterLa said:
I know OEM pads are highly recommended...
I think the OEM pads stink, unless your sole considerations are not a lot of brake dust or squealing. If you are willing to trade a little more dust for a lot better feel, Carbotech Bobcats are wonderful.

RueMasterLa said:
has anyone had any experience with Metal Master pads.
No, sorry.

RueMasterLa said:
Also, what does a typical brake job cost?
Pads, fluid and the one time purchase of a service manual if you DIY. Its really quite easy.
I never tried bobcats, but I had Axxis ultimate for street and pather+ for track. Pather+ dust even more than the Axxis. With Axxis ultimate, 30 miles hwy driving is what it takes to have brake dust accumulated on the wheel rim. If I have a 5 spoke rims, it would be ok, too bad my wheels is as bad as mesh rims...

Seth @ SOS actually recommend the metal master (I believed the Axxis and PBR is from same manufacturer.) for less brake dust option. Again, I never tried it. If anyone have better comparison, please let us know.
Bobcats aren't bad for dust at all - just worse than stock NSX pads. OEM BMW pads dust more than the Bobcats.
I have tried Metal Master brake pads. I don't recommend them for anyone. In fact, I don't recommend getting any "generic" brake pads from your local auto parts store. They make LOW performance brake pads that are the proper size and shape to fit in the NSX caliper (because they also fit certain models of Legend and Prelude), but they are inadequate to the performance requirements of the NSX, even if your car never sees a race track.

I have tried a lot of different kinds of brake pads. Any brake pad is a trade-off of a number of factors - braking grip, resistance to heat, dusting, noise, price, need for warmup, etc. I disagree with White94; I think the stock pads are excellent, for street use as well as on the racetrack. However, they are somewhat more expensive than many aftermarket pads.

Right now, my favorite brake pad is the GT Sport, which is made by Cobalt Friction. It has excellent grip, but is user-friendly for street use (unlike track pads which squeal, dust, and need to be warmed up to be effective). Highly recommended.

As far as brake jobs, the cost depends on which pads you get. If you buy the pads yourself, it generally takes an experienced mechanic around 45 minutes to change pads on either axle, although you'll probably get charged for a full hour of labor. Labor rates vary from one city to another and between dealers and independent mechanics; around here, typical hourly rates are $80-110. There is nothing unusual about the NSX brakes that requires someone with NSX experience; any competent mechanic should be able to do an NSX brake job.
A lot of the Porsche guys used to use the Metal Master pads at their DE events back in the days of the older 911's and 944's. I used to use Metal Masters when I had a 1988 911 and was content with the results. I have a set or two for the NSX and will throw them on at a slower track like Blackhawk. For the money, I think they are a decent pad. I wouldn't consider using them for use on a faster track though.
They WILL disintegrate on the track. In this case, at least, there's a reason they're cheap, and you get what you pay for...
nsxtasy said:
They WILL disintegrate on the track. In this case, at least, there's a reason they're cheap, and you get what you pay for...

Agree, but I can always get a good day or two out of them. When they get low, they tend to break away at the edges.
A day at Blackhawk today and I agree that Metal Master pads suck. I don't remember them being that bad, but my skill level and equipment have improved since I last used them.