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Group Buy Official Group Buy : S2CarbonWorks NSX GT Aluminum Coolant Reservoir Tank

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13 December 2011
SCW Performance NSX GT Aluminum Coolant Tanks - Official Group Buy!
I was directed this way by several members about producing a limited run of our Aluminum Coolant Tanks for the NSX. We have the ability to produce these with exceptional quality and reasonable pricing compared to other companies out there, given today's material & labor costs. As I mentioned before in another thread, the tanks that we already produce are extremely high quality, factory-fit, and this one is designed specifically for the NSX with a warranty to back it up. Yes, this tank may seem steeply priced to some, but I promise we did our best to keep the costs down, all things considered, and the tanks would have been cheaply made any other way and the NSX deserves a quality show-piece for the car that it is. Regular retail on this tank kit will be $499, so this is a great opportunity to get yours first, and at a $60-$90 discount.

This is a: Direct Vendor Group Buy
Minimum Number Of Units:
Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited
Closing Date: December 15, 2012 - Payments need to be ALL IN by this date if you are participating, or you can purchase the tanks afterwards at regular retail pricing
Product ETA: After all payments are made the tanks will be in production for 1-2 weeks (depending on number of owners signed up) Add'l time for large quantity. Products will ship within 1-2 days after they are produced & finished in the desired finish by owner request.
Payment Options: Cash, Personal Check, Money Order, Credit/Debit Phone (verified) - No paypal - for all CC orders, we will only ship to matching billing address! NO EXCEPTIONS!

Product Group Buy Tier Pricing: This Group Buy is now closed & awaiting Production.

$18-35 USA Ground (Depending on Location) - Local Texas Pickup (must pay Sales Tax) - International: (Inquire)

Installation: This tank will re-use all factory hardware & hoses (it was designed this way) - No modification required. Installs using a pair of pliars & 10mm ratchet in 15-20 minutes. If you are in the DALLAS, TX area, we will gladly install the tank for FREE with purchase.

You can see the quality of our design, craftsmanship, and finish options.

Our NSX GT Coolant Tank will include some nice features:
- Full 1/8" Aluminum TIG Construction / Laser-cut & formed
- Custom CNC Billet Fittings (no cheap tube or brass fittings)
- Integrated Internal Baffle (to prevent slosh & air bubbles)
- Integrated sight-glass (so you can view the fluid level easily)
- Modern Design & Look
- Plug & Play installation (simplified)
- Offered in a variety of finishes

SCW NSX GT Coolant Tank Kit - Contents Included:
- NSX GT Tank - Raw Aluminum Finish (per tiered pricing - Finish is optional incase you wish to do your own)
- (2) Sight Glass Fittings & Hoses
- S2 Laser-Etched Emblem (mounted on either TOP or SIDE you choose, pls indicate which you prefer when ordering)
- 1 Year Warranty on all parts (not on finish)

* You Choose Your Finish *
- Clear Anodized / Hard Black Anodized = $30 Upgrade
- Red Wrinkle Powdercoat / Black Wrinkle Powdercoat = $45 Upgrade (This is close match to OEM Honda)
- Custom Powdercoat Color (pm me about this)

* You Choose Your Top Cap *
- HKS Radiator Cap - $38 Upgrade
- Skunk2 Black Edition Cap - $37 Upgrade
- Greddy Radiator Cap - $38 Upgrade
- Apexi N1 GT Radiator Cap - $40 Upgrade
- (Or you can use your stock cap free)

* Optional OEM Acura Hose Kit * - Includes all 3 Expansion Tank Hoses Set - $




(Red or Black Wrinkle Powdercoat Shown Below)


(Silver or Black Anodized Finish Shown Below)


The "A" List:

1. Sleek - Silver Anodized finish + Skunk2 Black Cap + Skunk2 Black Oil Cap (Emblem on Side) PAID IN FULL x Shipped
2. Joboy77 - Black Anodized finish (Emblem on Top) PAID IN FULL x
3. audax - Black Wrinkle Powdercoat + Skunk2 Black Cap + (Emblem on Side) PAID IN FULL x
4. jrnsx - Silver Anodized finish - (Emblem on Top) PAID IN FULL
5. Alas-NSX - Black Wrinkle Powdercoat + Skunk2 Black Cap
6. V.LATS97nsx - Silver Anodized finish
7. sophis - Black Anodized finish
8. ALwAyS4SaLe - Red Wrinkle Powdercoat + HKS Radiator Cap
10. Phoenix599 - Red Wrinkle Powdercoat + Skunk2 Black Cap + Skunk2 Black Oil Cap + Hose Kit (Emblem on Top) PAID IN FULL x
11. Valhalla - Black Anodized finish (Emblem on Side) PAID IN FULL Shipped
13. NSXRAY1 - Red Wrinkle Powdercoat - PAID IN FULL x Shipped
15. Kwinkler - Black Wrinkle Powdercoat + Skunk2 Black Edition Cap PAID IN FULL x
16. FernandoLens - Black Anodized Finish + Skunk2 Black Edition Cap PAID IN FULL x
17. TheHawk - Silver Anodized Finish + (Emblem on Side) PAID IN FULL
18. 1QwkNSX - Silver Anodized Finish + (Emblem on Top) PAID IN FULL x Shipped19. 1QwkNSX - Silver Anodized Finish + (Emblem on Top) PAID IN FULL x Shipped
20. DWN - Black Anodized finish (Emblem on Top)
21. CleenGreen - Wrinkle Red Powdercoat (Emblem on Side) PAID IN FULL x
22. DWN - Black Anodized Finish + (Emblem on Side) PAID IN FULL
23. 9doors - Anodized Silver Finish + (Emblem on Top) PAID IN FULL x
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Put me on the list.... Wrinkle red w/ hks cap please
$439 for a coolant tank? Geez.........

I completely understand how you feel, unfortunately hiring a skilled welder is not cheap, and material costs have steadily risen. The cost of the tanks will reduce if we can get the quantity up, closer to the $400 mark. I feel that the NSX Owners would rather get a much better quality item than just a hunk of metal so the price is slightly higher than your typical "welder" may charge. Our CNC Billet Fittings were made the exact size of the OEM Honda ones, which were also an additional cost compared to just buying "off the shelf" types. If you would like to be put on the "B" list, then I can contact you when we reach the other discount levels. Honestly, we are not making very much off these tanks after all costs considered, plus we're offering more finishes and customization than anyone else.
At the end of the day, yes, we could have made the tank cheaper, but it would have just been cheaply made. The NSX is a rare car, and deserves a showpiece worthy of it.
Just add to that, yes you can buy the NSXR version but thats just a cover for $200+ dollars or you can order from some other vendors and never get the finished product. In all honesty, the tanks looks great, wished it had the same appeal as the GTR tank, but nice nontheless.
One more option we can do but I need to check the cost on is custom laser etching on the tank with the NSX logo.
The tank needs to be black anodized or powdercoated first for the laser etch to show up but we have done it before like the GTR tanks we made.
If that is something you are interested in feel free to send me a PM.
i was thinking of doing my own tank with a NSX logo across the top, near the back side.
Please add me to the list:
FernandoLens (Laser-Etched Emblem mounted on Top) Black Wrinkle Powdercoat, Skunk2 Black Edition Cap
I apologize I do not have an actual picture of the baffle plate, I have taken an effort to illustrate it in photoshop so you can have an idea of what it looks like. It's a V shaped plate that reinforces the walls and prevents excessive sloshing in the tank. It has small passages in it to allow water to transfer from either side just like the factory design. This is part of the reason why our tank is more costly than some might think, its not just a hollow tank.

(my poor rendering in PS haha)
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Are these going to have a lifetime warranty like the STMPO tanks? They are pretty much there in terms of price.
Because we don't fabricate these in-house, there is no way I can offer a lifetime warranty. I'd love to, but I don't staff a full time fabricator 24/7. I speculate what might happen 10 years from now when you need to contact STMPO about a warranty claim should something happen to one of their tanks, who's to say they will or won't be around to guarantee it at that time..
All I can say is that we have built this tank from the best materials for the job. I don't think that anything is impossible, or impervious to deterioration over a given time period.
Are these going to have a lifetime warranty like the STMPO tanks? They are pretty much there in terms of price.

Just asking, but how does STMPO warranty something when Ross now refuses to even speak with us? I love Ross, but his hot headed attitude towards the NSX crowd caused him to alienate himself and now we can't even purchase his awesome goods. How the hell are you going to get a warranty on something you can't buy?
I don't want to derail this thread, I was just wondering about the warranty period on this product given the higher cost vs the Dali and even SOS units. It seems to be a high quality unit but there's no stress testing done and no history to go on, plus other products have shown to break with pressure.
I've see the SOS units, and honestly I am not sure how they even made them so cheaply because our cost alone on our tank is higher than their retail price.

As for history or testing, we've had no issues with our other aluminum tanks and I assure you they see just as much use as the NSX tank will. We've been making aluminum tanks for 5+ years.

worth mentioning, our tank is much thicker than some of the other tanks out there which is one thing we will not compromise on. Our tank is as strong as needed for the NSX, where other companies use thinner material to cut the costs, thus proving our design to be a better competitor. We use the thick material on the GTR tanks as well as the NSX tanks. There are several GTR's worth mentioning running our aluminum tanks that are making over 1,000HP to the wheels... Ever hear of Jotech Motorsports? The owners GTR has first prototype unit we installed 2 years ago. Needless to say, I'm not saying our tank will last a lifetime, but damn sure a long time, and we have a good track record to prove it with this type of product.
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439$ plus paint, plus shipping, plus coolant cap, your well over $500. If you use credit card more money etc etc. I have to whip out the calculator.
Yes I understand. We have chosen also not to support Paypal as their policies have kept changing over the years not in favor of the vendor and their fees have steadily climbed. Our CC processor, Chase, has a much Lower fee than PayPal so you guys can save a little money there (1.7%) as opposed to paying the higher Paypal fee. Some sellers markup the item and hide the fees in the total, I'd rather show you the brake down. So, assuming your total was $500, the cc fee should be $7.50, which is cheap compared to $16 PayPal fee.

- - - Updated - - -

TheHawk - Added & Paid in Full
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Perhaps you might find a used SOS or Dali tank for $300 and hope it doesn't crack like all the rest of them...then end up paying more than its worth to fix it when it does crack, which would end up costing more time/hassle/money than buying one of ours.
Some folks choose to do things the easy way, others the hard way.
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