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Oh PRIME, Like a long, lost love... you have returned to me.

7 February 2001
AAHHHHHHH..... I think I need a cigarette.

<--- Oh wait, loooks like I already have one.

Thank you LUD, for whatever you had to do to get the forum back up and running! I feel like I was cut off from crack and finally received my first wiff again (not speaking from personal experience, thank you).

NSXSC was great in the meantime and I will continue to check the site as well, but PRIME was the first and ture love of mine.

Glad to see it back up!!!

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Ya crazy crack fiend!! You took the words right out of my mouth!!!

Man, I am so happy right now. Hmmm, guess I won't be doing much work today.

1995 NSX-T
1997 Integra GS-R 4-dr
1999 3.2TL
2001 Odyssey

And a big Thanks to SigEp for creating that temporary applet so we could serach the forums in the meantime. Hope to see you at the Beach Party this weekend.

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Sheez, it looks like PRIME was down for a month. I can't believe I held out that long!

1995 NSX-T
1997 Integra GS-R 4-dr
1999 3.2TL
2001 Odyssey
Phuuu... right on time! I was 5 minutes from the heavy drugs!
I have really missed you all guys, not so many people to talk NSX with here over in VOLVO land (like none).
I have survived living on browsing in the temp. internet files in my comp. for some old NSX forum pages. I LOVE YOU LUD!

longing hard to get my hands on one
How many times can I hit refresh in five minutes to look for new posts? Let's find out!

ilya "giddy like a schoolgirl" kandibur

ps- yes, sad... I know.
Thanks guys... I'm as glad to have it working again as anyone! Let's get some of those discussions going again! On the top right of the forum topic screen is a button which lets you view back more than 30 days.. Try setting it to 45 so you get the last couple weeks of messages from before the crash and we can pick up those discussions.
Peace and love!!! It's wonderful to see you all again!!!

Special thanks to Lud because I know how much aggravation he went through to get it going again. (We got together at one point when it was down.)

It's funny that it was down for exactly one month, so when you look at the messages listed, you don't even notice where the line

July 12 16:xx pm

comes right above

June 12 11:xx am

Back to fun times!!!
I could probably hold the record for checking to see if Prime Forums is up and running. (about 50 times a day!). I guess you never know how good something is until it's taken away, kinda like giving candy to a baby and THEN taking it away. Thank you LUD for all the work you put into making this site happen. I'm sure it's something that is much more work then it would appear. Happy Days Are Here Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOHN
When checking my browser to find another site, I found that the site visited most while the forums were down was (404 error page not found). I checked to see if the forums were back up atleast 3 times a day. This site is very much like an addiction.
I'd also like to say how great it is to be back together again here with all of you! Akio, Ilya, Andre, Enrique, John, Manuel, David (nice to see you posting - still hope we can bury the hatchet), Marc, Matt, Randy, Dr. Lane, [EDITED to add new names starting here)] Todd (
), Scott, Chris, Nicholas, Kenji, H. (whose given name I DO know, having met him at NSXPO 2000, but I don't know if he wants it revealed since he apparently doesn't use it in writing), and all the others almost too numerous to mention. Thanks for coming back, nice to see you here again!!!

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We are all so happy.
Let us do the dance of Joy!

da, da , da, da, dum , dum, dum dee dum.

(obscure Perfect Strangers reference)

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Mad luv to the LUD! hmmmm notice the similarities to GOD? No it couldn't be, or could it?

BTW, Ilya, thanks for shooting me that email, I'll be there tomorrow, I would have had no idea if you didn't look out for a brother. THanks!
I can't think of any words to express the joy I'm feeling at this moment. ALL HAIL LUD!!! HURRAY!

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."