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Oil Change

25 October 2000
Just wanted to post this for other NSX oil change virgins.

Did my oil change myself this weekend. It was a piece of cake! This task is not as difficult as everyone makes it sound. Did not need to jack the car, remove the wheel, etc. Used a pliers type filter wrench from Kragen ($12) to remove the filter. I bought filters from Sunnyvale Acura (4 for $16.50 each). Mobile 1 10W30 Synthetic from Costco ( 6 for $22 (NSX takes 5.3)). I toyed with the thought of using a Purolator filter ($7) but decided against it since the Acura filter did seem to be better built and the oil flow holes were in different locations.

First time that I have installed synthetic oil myself. It pours and drains like water, which makes the task much easier. Also, while under (partially) the NSX I am always amazed at the aluminum works of art that are part of the NSX chassis/suspension. Overall, an enjoyable task. Much easier to change the oil and filter on the NSX than my GMC Suburban!

You don't need to put your whole body under the car. I laid on the floor by the right rear tire and was able to put my fingers on the drain plug and filter. Reaching it with a wrench is easier. My car is stock 91 with stock tires and not lowered.