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Oil/filter change and air filter change cost in your neck of the woods

14 July 2023
I'm checking maintenance costs for the gen 2 NSX. It appears that in southern CA, an oil change by at least one dealership is $550. I've read somewhere that an oil change was $300. Perhaps the overhead cost that is based upon the property cost is to be expected.

Are the air filters easily replaced at home?

And if anyone has had their car shipped, what was the cost per mile?

I recently paid $400 for an oil change. the price seems to be $400 to $500 depending on where you go in Southern Calif. the carbon filter is relatively easy to replace. The engine air filter requires you to remove the engine covers as well as other items. Not hard, but time consuming. Use OEM air filters. The foam K&N can contribute to dirt entering the engine. The other filters that are out there are potentially problematic and while you may hear more noise, carry with them potential engine problems. The IEM filters are not the weak link in air flow. The OEM Downpipes are restrictive.
Thanks. I called an Acura dealership in Kearny Mesa, and they told me that their oil change cost is $550. I suspect that they also check a bunch of things as part of the service. $400 is certainly closer to what it should be, in my opinion.
I also contacted an Acura dealership out of state that is close to a non-Acura dealership. I wanted to see what they charge for inspecting a used NSX. It's $210.
The stumbling block for a purchase at this time is interest rates which are painfully high. I wonder if after they go down, NSX prices will rise, potentially offsetting any benefits of lower interest rates.
Now that's a much better deal than the typical dealership cost in San Diego. I guess it's always good to ask, "Have you done this before?"
Yes, the oil change service I was recently quoted is $550, although that could also include checks that are part of a major mileage service. I've been doing my own oil changes for over 40 years, but this may be the first vehicle for which I do not.
There are very good Youtube videos on replacing various fluid changes and air filters/cabin filters. Pat Freeman does an excellent one for oil change.
Thanks. I did see that video in "Pat's garage". It took him many hours (8-9?) to complete with all the camera positioning that was required.
Joe Rizzo Acura in Orland Park. They gave me a loaner too since I was coming from about 20 miles away. They have a loyalty program and an meet or beat policy for their services. They don't seem to nickel and dime you either. I had a tire problem driving to their location, aired the tire up and made it there without incident. There was a nail in one of my P Zeros. I asked them to repair it so I could shop around for a new set of tires. They plugged and patched it, no charge. Matt Fondren the service writer was a nice guy.