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ok, who is getting one?

In my beloved Anime Zeta Gundam, they called it a Homo Avis...

Apearantly, they had that idea in Japan 25 years ago... Just a fantasy.
i saw that clip on tv this morning and thought, "gee, that looks a whole lot more fun than driving a ferrari."
Re: Me, me, me

i think im getting one. it sure beats paying 5 bucks a gallon for gas.
Yep, you can burn kerosene, but............ I wonder what he gets for milage? And he has yet to actually take off without an airplane, but he'll get there soon I'm sure.

Good for him, he's not exactly an Orville Wright, but damned impressive to put it all together. (At his age, expecially) And 2 barrel rolls is nothing to sneeze at.

For anyone that wants one, all you need is 1) about 300 skydiver wing suit jumps and 2) the budget of a top 20 Indy 500 team.
If guys here could do this reliably and moderately safely, all of our go fast crack needs would go away. In the long run, this might be more affordable.

I don't think your life insurance agent will be happy to find out though..