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Old School Shoot (Datsun 280z S30)

9 September 2007
Chicago Burbs
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Re: OLD SCHOOL SHOOT (Datsun 280z S30)

I'm not a big fan of putting oversized wheels on cars but this one I like, it looks really good.
Re: OLD SCHOOL SHOOT (Datsun 280z S30)

There is a blue one just like that one in my neighbor. I love one as a project car.
Pretty nice. Looks way too low to be drive-able. The exhaust clearance looks less than 1". :eek: Any adjustable camber kit on it? Rear looks out. I have a 240z with an LS1 in it. I'd recommend that if doing a motor swap! 350hp+ in 2400lbs is nice. :cool:
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I like it (of course I would).

I just had a photoshoot of my '70 240Z.

This car makes me miss my '75, but I'm planning on picking up a '71 or '72 240Z here soon before I go to Japan to do the same way (Fairlady ZG style), then finish after coming back with some parts.

Wow, beautiful car!
I just love these old school Japanese vehicles.