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OMP pedal install

21 June 2020
My style of heel/toe (more of a foot role) doesn't lend itself well to the NSX. Taking inspiration from this thread http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php/53843-AutoVation-Pedal-Install-Tips I started looking around for a set of replacement covers. While the SOS/Autovation pedals look very nice, I was looking for an even larger platform for the gas pedal and settled on a set of OMPs. Besides, they were $40!

My first surprise was to find that the back of the gas pedal is not flat, which made planning where to drill more complex.

back of the pedal.jpg

The raised portion appears to be flush with the pedal stop when fully depressed so I didn't want any nut or bolt to protrude from that area.

After some careful measuring and allowing for the pre-drilled holes on the OMPs, I used the 1/8th bit and the dremel angle to drill two guide holes before opening them up with a 15/64s bit. Hugh is absolutely right; buy at least 4 of the 1/8 bits. Basically one bit per pedal and a spare. I didn't do that and had to resort to other
miscellaneous cutting and grinding tools from the dremel box, adding a significant amount of time to the project.

1-8th pilot holes.jpg

gas pedal back.jpg

brake and clutch back.jpg
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Jeez, sorry for the huge pics. (Also, site keeps throwing me off, which doesn't make it any easier, lol.)

I removed the seat to help with the install. So far, I really like the pedals. I can heel/toe the the hell out of it, sitting in my garage. Will be taking her out shortly.

from the front.jpeg
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Nice. Looking good. Those won't be going anywhere with that hardware.