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Opinion - Widebody

Nope. Heavier (slower), uglier, harder to park.
What's the motor have to do with it? There are a whole host of reasons why you would or wouldn't go widebody having to do with wheel and tire needs, suspension and handling, and of course, personal preference on looks. I don't see how it's tied to the motor. I've seen plenty of widebody cars that are nothing but show, and a few that are also very fast track cars using stock motors. So I don't see the link. Perhaps you want to elaborate on your question?
LMAO :biggrin:

He's actually right in that it is heavier, and if you go very wide visibility issues come in and make it much more difficult to park. "uglier" is personal, but there are some ugly widebodys. Some like Vrooom's of course are great.
That said, the first NSX I ever drove was a widebody, so they'll always have a special place in my heart.
Should you have a widebody on a stock(motor) car.

no you should add 4 more cylinders to make it a widebody v10 engine......:confused:
My car has had the cantrell widebody kit for 7 years and i have NO issues with it. I saw 150 with plenty more(especially since having a new clutch) to go this weekend taking the houston crew back to houston. I've seen 160 numerous times with no vibration at all. A properly done widebody is just as good as stock and this is coming from an OWNER since 2005.:smile:
everyone has their personal opinion so if you want mine, widebodies detract from the car unless it is for a purpose i.e track
i have put the 'r' model hood, wing and K-craft mirrors on mine for weight savings and hopefully downforce improvements and catch myself thinking wtf have i done
but what do i know, its just my opinion