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OPINIONS: Do you guys think that there will be more NSX's on the market when......

Just wondering what you guys thought about the market for used NSX's when summer ends?

The market generally is pretty stable, year round. There may be slightly more demand in spring than in fall, but prices don't seem to rise and fall dramatically. I say, whenever you decide to buy or sell, you should go ahead with your plans; don't wait for changes in the market that aren't likely to happen.
I think the real question is how long will it take to find the NSX you want with right year, color, condition and mileage. I took 6 months to find my car. Don't get too caught in the car while looking for "the" car.
nsxtasy is right - the market is pretty stable and it can take a while to find what you want. It took me two months to decide and then four to find the car I was happy with, searching in Canada and the US. Now I got it I am very pleased and I made the right decision! So go ahead and start looking if you want one