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original NSX art question? interest?

29 April 2004
Hey guys,

NSX lover, not yet an owner.

Student @ Kent State for design......

I am wondering if you guys know if original art featuring these cars has/would sell well? I am a design student, and was thinking about releasing a limited series of illustrations featuring the NSX, like a 10, 25, or 50 quantity. Each one would be hand done and signed, etc.. the works

I'm just wondering if there is or has been a demand for this stuff. If NSX owners/lovers enjoy pieces of art with their car.

This is just an idea, but I'd love to actually do it. I dunno what procing would be, I'd imagine atleast $100 or something, no idea yet,

just throwing this out, any info or suggestions are more than welcome!!
I think if you create a nice design, there will be interest. I'd be interested, at least. I'd love a simple side view, like on my avitar, in black, but as a coupe. Actually, right before I saw your thread, I was looking on eBay for Cuda art. :smile:
Without at least one sample it is going to be hard for people to commit to anything.

However, if done well, I think you should be able to sell quite a few.

I have not done any of this particular nature yet, if actually putting this out there, I would ovbiously post examples of my work (which until next weeek is impossible because my portfolio is away for review.) Also, they would know what it would look like :)

this is all hypothetical as of yet,

I am not looking for commitments right now, so feel free to comment with no obligation :)