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Out of state smog question.


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12 April 2005
San Clemente Ca.
Anyone brought a car into Ca. from a state that does not have Ca. type smog checks?
Assuming the car is low mi. & 100% stock, would it pass if in good cond?
Or could it be a huge pain?
They are all 50 state equipped right, so would it really matter? :confused:
i purchased a nsx from MO and the car passed even w/100K miles. In MO, they don't smog cars there so the car never got smogged ever that i know of. the car was dealer maintained throughout its life so that may be a reason. i also live in CA and the car ran cleaner than my other car.. then again my other car is not stock. all nsx's are 50 state legal cars, u just have to get the car inspected by the dmv/or peace officer before you can register it. good luck.
Mine was an AZ car. Passed with flying colors. As TrustJDM mentioned, you will need to bring the car to the DMV or AAA to have the VIN and emissions compliance sticker verified when you go to register it.
My car came from Boston with Comptech headers and exhaust. No problems passing here.
Thats good to know, also didn't realize AAA could do the inspection.
Thanks for all the info.
Don't overlook the fact that many people in non-smog inspections areas install mods that will make the car fail the sniff test or visual inspection.
Stock or minor mods should get by.
There was a fellow a couple months ago who brought in a car to CA with cams/other mods that failed. He posted for help and opinons, but I don't think he ever updated what happened.

I bought my car in Colorado and drove it to CA. Had the VIN verified and got a smog check. No problem. Biggest hassle is showing the smog check guy where the engine is located.