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Overheard comment...

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Mar 9, 2000
Novato, CA, USA
I was at Sears Point all day yesterday (oh yeah) and as I'm walking towards my car there was a group of 3 or 4 people gathered around the engine bay of my NSX. As I get near I heard one of the girls say: "It's so clean, I could eat off the metal."
Wow, I've never even washed the engine, and I've already put 63k miles on it in 4 years. I guess when you have a good engine that doesn't leak oil everywhere, it stays clean!

Oh, I taped 1 1/2 of hours of in-car video from the last 3 sessions. I'll try and post some videos on my web site this week.

Tim Meekins
1997 Yellow NSX-T