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Pair of Kumho V700 Victoracers 275/40/17 - $300+shipping

26 November 2003
Bay Area
I have a pair of Kumho Victoracer V700 DOT-legal competition radial tires in the size of 255/40/17 and 275/40/17. These have 6/32" tread measured with a tread gauge. They are in excellent condition with "ZERO" track time on them. There are no defects, plugs, patches, tears or cracks in them. Im selling them for $300+shipping firm.

Kumho Victoracer V700 DOT-legal

Two 275/40/17



pics can be found here:


The VictoRacer V700 features an asymmetric tread design molded at 5/32" to 6/32" of tread depth in its two major circumferential grooves. Its tread design features extra wide tread blocks for its outer shoulder (which comprise about 1/3 of the tire's tread width) to maximize cornering grip while promoting tread life (when new, the shoulder blocks are interrupted only by shallow, 1/32" deep lateral grooves). The center and inner shoulder portions of the tread design are comprised of short, stable tread blocks to further enhance handling while providing some wet traction when new (or at near full tread depth). The V700 features a tread compound specifically developed to provide maximum grip, handling and treadlife.