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Parker johnstone to Speak at NSXPO 2008! Spice car on display!

8 November 2003
Portland OR
Parker Johnstone will be our keynote speaker at the NSXPO banquet!

Parker will be telling stories of his amazing years as a professional driver. You all know Parker won more races in the IMSA series than any other driver. He put Comptech and their GPT Spice car in the winner's circle over 50 times while winning the championship 3 years in a row for Acura!

We are fortunate, Parker has loaned NSXPO the GPT Spice car for our car show and we hope to have Doug Peterson on hand to give a technical presentation about the car and those amazing years. This a real treat and you won't want to miss it!

Registration is open, please follow the links and get signed up!

See you there!:smile:
Wow, that's awesome news. Still trying to determine if I have enough time to make the social events and track day.

But I'm planning on being there.
I just confirmed we will have Doug Peterson, former head of Comptech, speaking at a tech seminar about the IMSA Spice car! Doug was the man responsible for assembling and keeping the whole team together for those amazing years. He can speak about all aspects of the car, racing it and many larger than life characters who revolve around professional road racing through his 20+ years in and around the sport.

I am still seeing if I can get Parker and Doug on the stage together, I hear Doug will be bringing some race footage of Parker in action! We are trying to get Parker to come out and run with us at Pacific Raceways, he has not committed though.

Ponyboy, hope you choose to make it, this should be one great event!